How To Increase Your Energy – Naturally

Aug 27, 2010


When I talk about Increasing energy I'm not talking about some type of energy drink or pill that will get you all fired up. Those things are short term burst that only lead to long term problems. I'm talking about making sure your hormones that give you energy are in balance and at the right level for you. Here is a little story about when I experienced low energy on a on-going basis, it should help you make changes to your lifestyle to make sure you don't fall into the same rut I did and hopefully take your energy to a new level.

I first experienced low energy when I first opened my business 4 years ago I was working non stop and my diet was the worst it had ever been in my life. My priority at that point was the survival of my business and nothing was going to set me off track. At the time I have to say I didn't even know I was tired because I was so focused and determined and I really didn't think it was a big deal. Until one day I was beat down and noticed I had so much trouble getting up in the morning and so much trouble going to bed at night, my creativity (one of my big strengths) became non existent and I had trouble solving the smallest of problems. I also noticed I had a very low libido and no appetite in the morning.

I felt really out of it and almost depressed. I had reached my breaking point so I decided to get my hormones tested. It turned out that my cortisol level was through the roof. Cortisol is a hormone that gives you energy but if you abuse of it, it is detrimental to your health. In essence It was pre-aging me.

So how did I change that journey?

The first step was to start eating clean again, no more blood sugar roller coasters where I would skip breakfast and sometimes even lunch to find myself eating 2 big meals (sounds a lot like the sumo diet). I actually had lost my appetite too. Then the next step was to start working out consistently. I hired one of my trainers to train me, that way I knew I had that appointment that I could stick too and place it a priority.

A big part of rebalancing the cortisol was to make sure I slept because that's when your body is in repair. So I decided to back away from the computer and stop thinking about anything work related after 7pm. After 7pm was time for me and Chelsea at that point. I made sure there was absolutely no light in my room not even the alarm clock. I dropped coffee completely and started to sleep a lot. I can't tell you how much this helped. For supplements, I supplemented with rodiola rosa which is a natural adaptogen that helps your body re balance it's cortisol and made sure to take my multi vitamin and b complex vitamin.

All in all my energy came back perfectly after about 2 months. That may seem long but it really wasn't because I had been in that low energy rut for so long.

Now I keep up these habits all the time, I may have the occasional coffee or big cheat but I'm very aware of the slippery slope I can get myself into. My energy is always constant and I really do feel amazing. If you're in a similar situation I was in, I hope this article helps you take action.



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