How To Live Past 100

Mar 19, 2010


Family and Friends – Isolation has been shown to shave years off your life. It’s important to have good family and friends around you. Studies show that people become like one another as they spend time together. So surround yourself with people who are committed to you and who support your healthy choices. If they take care of their health, it will influence you to take care of your health. Join groups and get social.

Be active every day – From walking to biking to going to lifting weights, make sure every day you do some form of activity. It doesn’t need to be hard, just get moving. We used to spend 8 hours a day on our feet now we spend 8 hours a day on our chair.

Have a purpose
– Why do you get up in the morning? What special gift do you possess? What are you passionate about? What do you care about? What are your values? These are all questions that clear the clutter in figuring out what your purpose is. There’s a feeling of freedom that comes with knowing your purpose and living it every day.

Eat till your 80% full – Simply said: We eat way too many calories. Studies show that people that eat less calories of high nutritional content live longer. A good trick is to use smaller plates and focus on quality of food as opposed to quantity.

Focus on greens – Greens accomplish those two things I mentioned above. They have low calories and are very rich in nutrients like phytochemicals that can’t be found anywhere else. If your goal is to live past 100, then I would suggest 60% of your plate be filled with greens.

Antioxidants – Wine, sake, dark chocolate and coffee sounds good right? Well studies have shown that having high amounts of antioxidants in your diet will increase life expectancy. The problem is that you must consume the above in moderation because of the other stuff that comes along with it (like alcohol). Not many people know this but spices like; cinnamon, turmeric and oregano are at the top of the ORAC rating making them the best source of antioxidants. So adding spices to your meals will not only add taste but will help keep you looking and feeling young.

Chill out – Reducing stress is so important. Try reducing noise in the home by turning off the television or radio. Aim to arrive to appointments 15 minutes early—it helps cut anxiety and creates a cushion for traffic and parking time. And start meditation or deep breathing. Practice at least 10 minutes a day. Remember that the impacts of stress all depend on your perception of it so try to adopt a positive mindset, don’t focus on the negative. Life is too short!


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