How To Manipulate Your Diet To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle

Jul 30, 2010


Many people think it's impossible to gain muscle and fat at the same time because of the calorie's in vs calories out theory. But that's not completely right. There's one way you can gain muscle and lose fat for the same goal and that's by manipulating your hormones naturally with food and exercise. Many natural bodybuilders diet for a show and gain muscle in the process because they start to time their nutrition right. I'm one of them.

Meal timing has to be one of the most underrated secrets when trying to lose weight while gaining muscle. Like putting a giant log in the fire it chokes the fire and the fire goes out but feed that fire small pieces of wood every few hours and it will burn like crazy. You may think this seems like a lot of work but really it's not.

I regularly eat 7 meals a day at 8,10,12,2,4,6,8. All I need to remember is that I eat at even numbers from 8-8.

But the big secret is not in timing overall calories it's about carbohydrate timing. Carbohydrates produce insulin (the bodies most anabolic hormone) which I've always said is generally something you want to keep low when your trying to lose fat. But if you have carbohydrates at the right time in the day when your tank (muscle) is empty it will not be stored as fat and will actually create an anabolic effect making you synthesis more protein than you would without it. That time I'm talking about is around your workout. Here's an example;

8am – 6g of carbs from veggies

10am – 12g of carbs from veggies


12pm – Post workout, 50g of liquid fast acting carbs

2pm – 12g of carbs from veggies

4pm – 12g of carbs from veggies

6pm – 12g of carbs from veggies

8pm – 12g of carbs from veggies

This is just one example of how you can time your carbohydrates around your workout to gain muscle while still losing fat throughout the day. 


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