How Will You Reach Your Destination?

Apr 08, 2010


Picture this: You're in Tokyo japan, the busiest city in the world. Your given a destination with the option of a free rental car to get across the city to get to a hotel with your family and friends all waiting for you. How do you reach it? Getting in the car and randomly driving on different streets hoping you magically appear at the destination sounds a little absurd doesn't it?

I would think that most people would stop and ask a local for help (free) in hopes that they don't send you in the wrong direction and back to where you started. (we've all been through that) or maybe some people would purchase a map at a local convenience store and try to navigate there way through the city ($) or a small group of people would forget about the car and grab a cab ($$) and let the cab driver lead the way since he's done this trip hundreds of time and knows exactly how to get there.

When it comes to exercise I see many people driving in all sorts of directions trying to avoid purchasing a map or getting a cab because it may cost them money (Or they have too big of an ego to ask for help).

What I've learned from my most successful clients over the years is that they realize the the cost of getting it wrong. That wasted time and energy (stress) on trying to find your destination takes away from time and energy they could be putting else where (work, family, community). This is not limited to the fitness industry it's the same story for an accountant, a lawyer, a financial planner or a web designer.   


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