“I Don’t Have Time”

Sep 29, 2010


How many people do you hear saying they don't have time to exercise? Probably a lot right? I have to tell you, It's hard for me to accept a valid excuse why someone can't find time to exercise. At our club we witness many of our clients who are executives and business owners with not only businesses to run but with families and children giving them little to no time for exercise – Yet they are able to pull it off. How?

After talking to these busy clients you come to the quick conclusion that they realize that not only does exercise give them the energy to make every other aspect of their life more productive (like energy to play with their kids at night, energy at work, energy for their wife or husband) they realize the impact 30-45 minutes out their day will make to their overall health and well being. 

Do people really not have time?

I went searching for what the average person spends their time on in a day and found these results from Ogilvy on advertising. Here they are.

People in a day will spend;

7.9hrs with technology
Music players

8.7hrs with media   
3.6hrs internet
2.5hrs watching TV
1.3hrs Radio
0.7hrs newspaper
0.6hrs magazines

1.2 hours commuting

6.4 hours working

2.9 hours chores, errands, cooking, cleaning

My thoughts are that it's less of an actual "time" factor and more of a "priority" factor. Take a good look at the list above and make some changes right away, see if you are able to cut back or overlap any of these categories and build a strategy to insure that you get a workout in today even if it means 10 minutes of sit ups and push ups.

Here are a few examples of ways to overlap or eliminate; Read your news on the treadmill while warming up in the morning (great excuse to buy an I-pad). Outsource your chores to services like this Ottawa based company called Balance In Style. Can you modify your commute by working from home on some days? Can you spare a little less TV time, email check ups or Facebook time? Can you incorporate your friends into your workout by working out with them or at the same time as them?

Get creative and find a way to make your health a priority – You're worth it. 

PS: If you know anyone that's given you this excuse before send this post to them or better yet share it on your Facebook page to possibly help a bunch of people.


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