If You Can’t Program Your Life, Life Will Program You

Nov 30, 2010

As kids, we act by instinct. If we want to stick our hand in the VCR we do it, we want to jump off the shed we do it. Let’s just say that as children, our tolerance for risk is very high. Over time we are told stories of people who got hurt doing this, we’re told “don’t do that”, “stop”, “don’t touch”, “don’t jump”. In school we are told “stop talking”, “stop playing” and “follow the rules”. In essence we are programmed to take less risk and as we know with less risk comes less opportunity to reach your full potential.

In order to reach our full potential in life we need to break out of this programming we’ve all been disciplined by, in order to move to the edges where action happens and dreams come true. We need to break the rules set a new path and go for our goals. Aiming high and missing is better than aiming low and hitting (or not knowing where to aim at all.)

As a trainer I spend my days trying to help people aim, and define the best path to reaching their highest potential. When I attend events and talk to people that are overweight I hear many say that they have bought a gym membership, tried a diet book or bought an exercise machine and have failed. Like the hand in the VCR they are telling themselves not to do it again instead of coming up with a better solution. It’s too much of a risk to try it again and fail, it makes them feel bad. They would rather stay safe, stay in the box and stay comfortable. But when it comes to your health, safe and comfortable is short lived (literally).

Ellen Glasgow once said “The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions.”
Time for change!

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