Instant Abs

Jun 07, 2010


Everyone wants instant results. When your 20 years old it's pretty much instant, a few weeks of cutting out bad food and you're lean. But when you're 40 the game is a little different (for most of us). Your hormones are on a decline your metabolism is slower and not as responsive as it used to be. You may be carrying around more fat making you more resistant to insulin. In short, your body isn't responding as well as it used too. It now takes hard work, patience and consistency in your eating and exercise routine.

Here are 3 things that will have the most impact if you're trying to lose fat and gain muscle.

1. Drop your carbohydrates

The less carbohydrates you consume, the less insulin will be produced. The less insulin, the less fat storage (less cravings too). Often times what I see with clients is that most of their diets are overloaded with carbohydrates without even knowing it. They consume fruit, breads, rice, potatoes and sauces all filled with carbohydrates. Remember there are no essential carbohydrate, your body can survive without them but you may want to keep them between 30-100g a day to have a quick impact on your body. 

2. Increase your activity

Every chance you get, move. Push harder than ever in your workouts, perform cardio, join a sports team (that doesn't involve boozing after), build that construction project or garden you've been wanting to do for years. Just get moving!

3. Increase your protein

Make sure every meal has protein in it. Protein helps to increase your metabolism, repair muscle tissue and will help provide you with amino acids that will reduce cravings and make your journey easier. Eggs, fish, beef, chicken, shrimp whatever you choose as your protein source make sure it's at every meal.


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