Is Popcorn A Healthy Snack?

Jul 12, 2010


One rumor that has seemed to stick around from the low fat days is the popcorn myth. People still seem to think this is a healthy snack if you don't add salt or butter to it. The truth is it's not. Corn is a grain not a vegetable. Nearly all corn is grown for 2 reasons. the first one is for sweetening products like Pepsi-cola. The other is for animal feed, fattening up cattle, hogs and chickens. Corn for consumptions for humans as a "vegetable" comes in third. If your goal is weight loss you should avoid corn whether it's cooked, popped or in chips. 1g of corn (a couple kernels) will rapidly increase a diabetics blood sugar by 5mg/dl. That means stay away. So the next time you're at the movie theater think twice about the popcorn.


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