Is Your Self Image Stopping You?

Jun 22, 2011

Every day we subconsciously think and act in accordance to the self image we imagine of ourselves whether we like it or not.

If someone’s self image is one where they are the overweight, fun, relax type of person they will act in accordance to that self image and will have a very hard time resisting the offer of a beer at a party.

If someone see’s themselves as an elite athlete, they may want the whole room to hear them reject the offer of a beer because it goes in accordance to their self image.

So what if you have to change? What if your health or life depends on the change? Or what if you just can’t stand that little voice inside your head anymore always reminding you that you need to change?

The answer is clear. You must first change your mental self image of yourself. You need to paint a different picture of who you will be and what that looks like to you. You need to answer the question: Who are you?

The hard part about changing your self image is that we fear it. We fear that people will not recognize us anymore, we fear that we will lose relationships over it, lose respect from others. We fear that we will not fit in.

It’s no surprise why it often takes people who are gay a lifetime to “get out of the closet” because it’s a whole new self image they have to imagine combined with all that fear.

It reminds me of the movie “The wrestler” with Mickey Rourke where Mickey was stuck in his wrestler self image even though it was destructive to his health and his family and to who he really wanted to be.

The good thing about overcoming the fear and making the change is that it happens fast, it only takes a second. It’s as simple as a decision, the decision to commit to the new you or the person you were truly meant to be.

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