Jersey Shore: Getting Ripped With Pasta, Booze & Cigarettes

Oct 07, 2010


Ashley wanted to know why "The Situation" stays so lean even though his lifestyle is filled with pasta, booze and cigarettes. I figured It would be interesting to turn the tables and ask my readers what they think is more likely the answer. Since I can't possibly know what the exact answer is.

What do you think?

1. Genetics
He has great genetics and a fast metabolism. 

2. Chemicals
He is so filled with toxins that his body is working overtime trying to detoxify thus increasing his metabolism

3. He's an actor
On screen he eats junk and drinks booze and once the camera's are off he's back on the low carb meal plan?

4. He's on steroids
Or growth hormone so his body is able to burn the carbs more efficiently

Let's hear what you think is the right answer. Go to my Facebook page and answer. If your not my friend just add me. 


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