Kids, Proprioception & Sports Performance

Oct 04, 2010

Kids hockey

Proprioception is the conscious awareness of your limb positioning. Signals originate from stretch receptors in and around the joints. Being able to precisely hit a ball at the right angle or shoot a puck with just the right amount of wrist flexion to get it into the top corner of the net is all about proprioception.

This process is critical for maximum performance in any sport. What's important to know is that Kids develop a large part of this proprioception between the ages of 8-10. If you would like to help your child be a better athlete in his later years, it is very important that they are involved in more complex sports that involve a lot of agility on the ground (like gymnastics) at that age. Swimming between the ages of 8-10 more than twice a week can also have a reverse effect on proprioception development because of the disruption of the training environment.



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