Knowing Yourself

Sep 14, 2010


Wellness is about well being and well being is about quality of life.

Knowing yourself is one of the most powerful things you can learn yet most people fail to take the time to learn. I see teenagers asking what they should do as a career like adults jumping from job to job. I see people that hate their job but don't do anything about it because they lack a clear picture of what they stand for, what their unique talents are, what their values are and what the're passionate about. Many people have a blurry image of themselves yet fear to change and waste their most powerful abilities. Here is an exercise to help define what you value and what you strive to become;

Think of 3 heroes, role models that inspire you for one reason or the other. They can be famous or not. Real or not. Alive or not. 

1.______________     2. ______________     3. ______________

Now for each hero you chose write down 3 characteristics about them that are inspiring to you.

______________     ______________     ______________

______________     ______________     ______________

______________     ______________     ______________

Now look for patterns of what you value most and what you think is important. 


Has anything become clearer of who you are and who you want to be?


What action steps can you take today to start living those values?



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