Jul 20, 2010


If you and this person were both stuck on an island with no food in sight this person would out
survive you because they have larger reserves of fuel. In essence your fat is a survival tool.

Our societies perception is that this person consumes ten thousand calories and is very lazy. From doing thousands of assessments I can tell you it’s not often the case. Many overweight people eat like birds.The reason some people are so big is
this; they genetically accumulate fat easier than you. What regulates fat accumulation? Insulin. What creates the most insulin? Carbohydrates.

Some people for survival are just genetically more prone to accumulating fat than others and if they can understand that it would change their life. But realize that lowering carbohydrates to someone this big is like taking away a drug. One study showed that the same part of the brain lights up as it does a heroin addict when removing sugar from the diet. So it’s not an easy task but with motivation and a proper road map it’s so doable.


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