Leptin – Why You’re Not Losing Weight!

Apr 05, 2010


If you've been dieting for a while, manipulating your leptin hormone may be exactly what you need to get to the next step in your fat loss goal.

Let me simplify this complex hormone for you. When it comes to weight loss leptin controls the speed of your metabolism and your hunger cravings. When you've been dieting for a while on a low calorie diet your leptin levels will be low as a survival mechanism to preserve your energy.
Where insulin controls the increase in fat storage in the cell, leptin controls the release of fat out of the cell. When leptin is low it signals your brain to feel hungry and eat more not only giving you cravings but also slowing down your metabolism (the release of fat for energy).

The best way to beat this tricky leptin hormone is by giving your body a surge of calories. Anyone dieting will like to hear this. I'm talking about a cheat meal (1 hour of eating a bunch of food).
Leptin is very responsive to glucose metabolism so it's important that you choose foods that have carbs and not protein, fat or fruit. In fact it's that one time where it may be good to satisfy that craving.

How many calories for the cheat? You want to go 30-40% over your maintenance level. The lower your bodyfat the higher the percentage. Keep in mind that sometimes this will only work for a short duration and for others it will break the plateau and keeps them losing for a few weeks.
Make sure that when you do increase your calories that you don't exercise more to burn them off, this is counterproductive to the increase.
So go nuts, but only for an hour.


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