Life Lesson

Jul 21, 2010


I was cutting the grass last night and realized I ruined my lawn.

When the snow melted this year I knew the soil was dying so my first thought was to go to You Tube and try to learn more about it myself. I spent so much TIME researching to make sure I would do it right. I spent more TIME picking up the fertilizer, top soil and grass seed. Then I spent even more TIME laying it out, spraying it etc. The point is, my grass is now dead and I wasted all that TIME for nothing when I could have just called someone and payed for their service.  It ended up costing me more to get it wrong.

As I pushed the lawn mower I thought to myself that I was doing exactly what most people do about fitness. They want to get in shape so they spend TIME debating their options, they buy a gym membership or fitness equipment, they spend TIME on the computer and search the internet for a diet or workout plan that's not even for them. They put in the TIME and effort in the gym or dieting for many hours a week only to find themselves not getting the results they were hoping for. When all they could have done is call someone.

It's funny because, when I look at my most successful clients (In life), they understand this lesson very well; Stick to what your good at and leave it to the professionals, the people that have a proven record of performing in the past.


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