Feb 14, 2012

Love is at the core of all creation. Without love, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything because with love comes the ability to overcome obstacles and anything worth pursuing will have its obstacles.

The Wright brothers for example had to love airplanes and the dream of flying in order to get an airplane to fly. Steve Jobs had to love art and design to create Apple. In fact Jobs loved art and design so much he even had his engineers redesign the circuit boards inside the computer. When the engineers said “no one will even see the inside” Jobs replied, “It’s not the point. You don’t build a house and throw all the garbage in the walls, do you?” Jobs loved design inside and out.

As personal trainers we have to love helping others. The more a personal trainer cares, the better the personal trainer. Think about it, the more they care;

The more they will go out of their way to help you.
The more they will want to know about your history, lifestyle and obstacles to better serve you.
The more they will “practice what preach” to show you it’s possible.
The more they will create a unique solution for you and not some cookie cutter program.
The more they will try to understand your mindset and figure out the best ways of motivate you.
The more they will keep learning to stay ahead of the industry and provide you with the best solutions.
The more they will want to hold you accountable because they sincerely want to help you.
The more they will look at your goals as it relates to your overall health and lifestyle.

From the words of Leo Tolstoy:
“Everything I understand, I understand only because I love.”

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