Maintain Accountability When The Routine Changes

Aug 26, 2020
Riley Pearce

Maintaining accountability when your usual routine changes can be really tough. If there is one thing predictable about life it is that it can be unpredictable. Jobs change, accidents happen, and sometimes the world is put on quarantine due to a novel coronavirus. When these things happen our routines can change a lot. With a change in the routine it can be very easy to fall out of good healthy habits like exercising and meal prepping.

The upside to understanding that life will always have some challenge waiting to throw off our schedule, is that we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable routine change. Creating a contingency plan that is adaptable to any kind of change in routine means that you safeguard all of the good habits you create in your normal life, and you never have to worry about “falling off the wagon”.

Schedule Your Time Day-By-Day or Week-By-Week

Or both! Depending on the situation, you’ll want to get organized as soon as possible. Create a sense of order so that you feel prepared for every day. The more organized you are the better your chances will be of staying active, being productive, and maintaining good eating habits.

Pro Tip: If you live with other people, write your workouts on a shared calendar and create a meal plan for the household. This will increase the level of accountability in the household.

No roommates or family members with you? Create a shared calendar with a friend or family member you can trust to hold you accountable. Better yet – make it a team effort and hold them accountable to their goals as well.

Get Creative With Your At-Home Fitness Routine

When you have full access to a gym and the grocery stores are fully stocked you can make your goals whatever you want. When most facilities are closed and the grocery stores are running low on some non-perishable items, you need to adjust your goals to suit the conditions. 

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you have some kind of routine around going to a gym or fitness class a few times per week. In the case of the coronavirus, most of these facilities will be closed, so you’ll have to find an alternative to this that works from home, but also helps keep you active.

Most fitness facilities are offering online options in order to support their clients through this time. There are also many other options to support your fitness during this time. 

For example – Fitbit has built-in challenges where you can challenge friends to step competitions. If you don’t have fitbit, you can create group chats and facebook groups amongst friends to hold each other accountable. 

Have fun with recipes you’ve always wanted to try

With more time on your hands at home, now is a great time to try those recipes you’ve always wanted to try. Get the whole family in on the cooking fun and take this opportunity to educate yourself and your family on the benefits of whole foods and important nutrients.

Make Fitness the First Thing You Do Everyday

Accountability begins the moment your day starts. If you want to keep fitness a priority, make it the first thing you do every day. Get up and go for a walk with the dog or the kids (or both!). Make your meal plan for the day. Drink 1L of water before noon. Set the tone for the whole day as soon as it starts. 

As the old saying goes – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Seize this opportunity to instill good habits into your life. Remind yourself how easy it is to move and eat well every day. Obstacles always present opportunities to learn and grow. If you are able to maintain accountability despite these difficult times, then you are truly unstoppable.

Author: Riley Pearce
Director of Social Media

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