Meet the FreeForm Figure Women Competing in 6 Weeks

Sep 22, 2009


November 7th will be a really fun day. We will have 10 women competing at the Ottawa figure show. For many of them this will be their first ever experience. I hope you guys can come and cheer them on, I would love to see you there. Here are our fantastic women and a short description from me:

Chelsea: This is Chelsea's 4th show. Don't let her quiet personality fool you, she's extremly competitive and suprisingly strong. She has never missed a workout and is so strong willed with her nutrition, it's almost scary. She will be competing with a good group of friends this time so she is sure to have a blast

Patricia: We featured Patricia in the last newsletter. What she didn't mention was that she's what I call a super contributor. She will read articles, give her opinion, offer advice and is an evangilist when she likes something, which I totally admire.

Amy: This is her first show and she is very dedicated and strong willed, she will surely do well.

Melissa: Melissa is a fire cracker! She's got what it takes to win at the national or even international level in my opinion. Not only does she have great symmetry she has a wicked stage presence from her professional dancing background.

Cherie: If you saw Cherie workout in the gym you would understand why she's so lean. Her work ethic is insane. She's also a machine and it shows when you see her on stage. Everyone better get out of her way.

Shelley: Shelley is one of our trainers. I think I told her that she had to compete the day I hired her (no joke.) She said she was too shy. Well this shy girl is doing it and if she can master the stage presense she's going to crush it!

Jenna: I can't say how impressed I am with Jenna. She literally suprises me on a regular basis. Everytime I see her she is so conservative and then wwwammm! – surprise she's doing the model show. Good for her.

Sylvie: Sylvie competed in May of 2009 but she was competing in the Quebec division. This time around she will be hitting the stage to represent Ontario.

Alana: Alana is an inspiration to all moms. She has two young kids and has made the time to get herself in shape for her first competition ever. She has great shoulder to waist ratio and is looking perfect at this stage of the competition prep.

Maria: Maria is also a mother and proof of hard work and dedication to the diet plan, she is looking amazing and she will do great on stage.

PS: You should come and see the show. You may even get inspired. Tickets info – www.ottawabodybuilding.ca

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