No Wiggle Room Allowed

Jul 08, 2010

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"I want to get healthy", "I want to get fit" or "I want to lose weight' has so much wiggle room you may fall.

You go for dinner order a chicken salad and decide to steel a few french fries from your friend. You tell yourself; it's just a few fries, it's no big deal. Next thing you know the few fries one day turns into a few bites of desert the next day (still feeling like you're achieving your goal too) until, well you look at your overall diet and realize you're not being so healthy. But the problem wasn't the temptation, the problem was the goal had too much wiggle room.

When you set a goal, it should be black or white. Grey goals are what creates the wiggle room. Whatever your goal may be make them specific; Zero processed food, alcohol only on Friday nights, no sugar, off the computer at 7pm, in bed by 10pm. Doing it this way, you're emotional brain knows where the line is and hopefully it doesn't step over it.


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