One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Jun 16, 2010


If you look at the ladies in this picture you can see that they all have very different body types. I can assure you that putting them in a general class together with the same program would not yield very good results. One of them may get injured, another one may not respond to the type of training, another one may end up looking worse than before and another one will have great results. It can't be perfect for everyone.

I've tried and seen so many group training programs, video's and boot camps in the past where everyone works out together towards one common goal of getting in shape with very little success of the perfect body in the end. Don't get me wrong, you can get in "shape" this way but you will never reach the level you can with a custom program dedicated to perfecting your body. To me sculpting the perfect body is an art and like sculpting a statue it takes time, precision and good judgment.

Here is a small scenario using the picture above to building a symmetrical, well defined body that most women would look up to:

Girl 1: Too bulky – Needs cardio. No lifting heavy. Drop the carbohydrates

Girl 2: Almost perfect symmetry – precision work is all she needs. Needs to work on resistance training and shaping the muscle more (side delts, abs). Protein level is important. Resistant exercise important.  

Girl 3: Big legs, small upper body – Needs to lighten the leg activity. Lose body fat and focus on stretching the chest, shoulders and hips.

Girl 4: Blocky, lacking shape – Needs to concentrate on muscle contraction and stretch through full range of motion. Split training is ideal. Needs to have diet perfect for building muscle.

Girl 5: Great symmetry for her height – If she was lose body fat she would have an almost perfect physique, needs to keep up the training but tighten up the diet and change her workout to circuit training.

Girl 6: Long Legs, small upper body – Needs to lose body fat which will bring down the size of the legs, focus on light running and general 10-12 reps resistant exercise for the overall body.

This is simply a first impression. You can imagine how many other details could be changed once we actually know what these women have been doing with their nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

Whether you're a beginner looking to make a change or someone that's experiences with fitness but wants to get a little more specific, there is no better solution than a program designed specifically for you. If you live in Ottawa we can help, if not sorry.


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