Optimal VS Tolerable

Nov 23, 2010

There are people in search of the optimal solution: A solution that produces the best results possible regardless of the effort needed to get to their goal. And there are people in search of the most tolerable solution: A solution that produces results with ease and the smallest change in lifestyle.

Just one Google search for “easy weight loss” and you will find companies advertising directly to these people in search of the tolerable:

  • Dr. Bernstein
  • Slim Band
  • Special K cereal
  • Diet pills
  • Herbal magic
  • Cookie diet
  • Nutrisystem
  • Toning shoes

With the tolerable mindset you focus on the “want” as oppose to the “need”. Companies that market to this mindset lie to get you to buy their product. Sometimes the product doesn’t even work or some companies promise that you can eat whatever you want and still reach your goal or even worse products that are very unhealthy and unmaintainable.

Here’s what you need to do: Adopt the optimal mindset. Look for what’s not only the most effective but also what’s the healthiest solution and you need to make a change even if that means a complete lifestyle makeover. It will be hard but in the end you will never look back.

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