Ottawa Citizen Fish Oil And PCB’s

Mar 04, 2010


Thank you Rose for taking the time to research this:

"I am sure by now you have read the
following article in the Ottawa Citizen yesterday on PCB levels in fish
oil.  Since I had just started taking fish oil tablets, I was obviously
concerned about the ones I was taking.  I did do research on this
article to ensure I felt comfortable taking the fish oil. 


do believe the companies they named are mostly U.S. manufacturers of
fish oil tables.  I verified Health Canada's webpage on fish oil PCB
levels allowable in fish oil in Canada.  I went to Ascenta's website
and ran a search on the batch number on the bottle I bought from Free
Form.  It was good to read the third-party testing done on this
product.  Ascenta's fish oil softgels meet and exceed the requirements.

I did see in the above article that comments made by folks
are based on their concerns about taking fish oil products.  In the
Ottawa Citizen article, it does mention the companies who are part of
the lawsuit, and (of course) Ascenta is not one of them. 

tried to add my comment (pretty close to what is written above, except
my comments included weblinks) to the comments section of this article,
but it did not seem to be saved.  Oh well, I tried !
Just thought  you might be interested,

have a nice day folks


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