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“Nobody gets the same thing – the weights are different, the approach is different (for each client). I don’t see anyone getting the same cookie-cutter approach. This isn’t just about exercise. It’s about my overall personal health, my mental and emotional states, too.”

- Monique Tremblay, Wellington Village

1198 Wellington St. W, Ottawa ON K1Y 2Z8

(613) 422-0650

Our Hours

Monday - Friday 6am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm

Please note: After 2pm on weekdays are by appointment only, as well as Saturdays. Managers are on site from 6am - 2pm on weekdays.

What People Are Saying

I’m already feeling better, my clothes are fitting better and I’m even thinking about my food differently. I never thought I needed a personal trainer, I knew what I was doing. And for my 20’s and 30’s that worked, but now I’m in my 40’s and injured and this has been just great!

Daphne Maravei, Wellington Village

All the personal trainers were very dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. The atmosphere in the gym was amazing. I have never enjoyed going to work out more, achieved better results or had a more positive experience.

Trevor McKay, Wellington Village

My experience at FFF has been nothing but positive. The friendly atmosphere with the obvious desire my trainers have to push me to live a healthier lifestyle has changed my life forever. The sense of accountability at the beginning of this journey is an incredible motivator and it really engraved the discipline needed to continue on with this lifestyle forever. I don’t feel like just another client. The trainers here are the best I have ever encountered in the industry.

Paulo Aguiar, Wellington Village

I’ve been going to FFF since January and am happy with my results. I am definitely feeling stronger and can see positive changes in my posture and shape. Just one visit a week keeps me on track and focused on my goals.

Susan McGahan, Wellington Village

What Makes Free Form Different?

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Personalized health and fitness programs

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30 minutes training sessions and flexible schedules

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Small, private and non intimidating studios

Our Story

This location was the third edition to the Free Form Fitness collection. We launched it in 2011 because we fell in love with the neighbourhood of Wellington Village, with its beautiful old homes around Island Park and down to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital. This location caters to a slightly more mature crowd and to many professionals and local business owners. Here you will find a highly qualified team of personal trainers and a welcoming professional atmosphere from the entire FFF family.

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