Ottawa’s Florida Fitness War

Feb 11, 2010


Did you know Ottawa is in a fitness war? Florida fitness (a big box fitness club chain) has went bankrupt this week. Goodlife employees from different locations have left over 8 messages on the clubs Facebook page fighting with themselves to get the commission.


The Ottawa Athletic Club just had an ad on the radio with Florida Fitness in the ad to get their members. Companies like GYM Max are talking about moving quick and taking over. I get the opportunity but it gets a little crazy when you're in the industry.

I'm blogging about this because it's times like these that make Chelsea and I realize that we chose the right business model. That we don't need 2000 members to survive. That our focus doesn't have to on trying to grab members from other clubs. We focus on things that we enjoy like trying to come up with ways of providing our small group of clients with as much value as possible and we are thankful for that.

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