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The Tribal Life in a Modern World

Technology is moving at a faster pace than our health can handle. Our genes are practically identical as they were 200 thousand years ago yet our life is completely different. For thousands of years our nutrition and lifestyle stayed the same but as technology advanced things started to change at an exponential rate. The evolution of transportation, refrigeration, chemicals, corporations, advertising and government regulations and many more industries have made for complete public confusion.

A Brief History of Technology:

  • More than 1 million years ago, we had become hunter gather tribesman as homo erectus.
  • 190 000 – 10 000 years ago, we are now considered homo sapiens living the same lifestyle of the tribesman.
  • 10 000 years ago, we started farming giving humans the ability to feed people beyond our families. This gives people freedom to create specialties.
  • 6 000 years ago, we domesticating the horse and use it for small transport.
  • 215 years ago, we enter the industrial revolution.
  • 165 years ago, people adopt a suburban life, disconnecting with nature.
  • 150 years ago, 95% of the population were farmers. Now it’s 2%.
  • 146 years ago, we create the first synthetic drug (chloral hydrate).
  • 130 years ago, we build the first automobile.
  • 109 years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt signs the food and drug act (FDA).
  • 106 years ago, we start selling the first commercial refrigerator.
  • 102 years ago, we build the firs highway from New York to Long Island.
  • 100 years ago, we open the first supermarket.
  • 92 years ago, we build the first road-side fast food restaurant.
  • 74 years ago, airs the first ever TV commercial and advertising is born.
  • 66 years ago, arsenic-based pesticides become the dominant pesticide for crops.
  • 45 years ago, first billion dollar sale of a pharmaceutical drug for heartburn.
  • 42 years ago, the plastic water bottles start to sell.
  • 23 years ago, the FDA creates the food pyramid to tell people what they should eat.
  • 21 years ago, we have the first search engine Webcrawler giving rise to the information age. Allowing everyone to have access to user generated information as oppose to top down information.
Here is What We Know

The best psychologists in the world agree that the best example of the ideal environment for brain development and being happy is the tribal life.

The best nutrition experts in the world agree that the best nutrition to reach your goal weight and be healthy is to adopt our long forgotten tribal nutrition.

The best exercise experts in the world agree that the best exercise for sustainable functional strength and longevity is those that mimic the tribe lifestyle.

The Free Form Fitness Philosophy

At Free Form Fitness all personal trainers are trained in helping you incorporate the following tribal traditions in your modern day world.

We also believe that you should live life to the fullest so we believe in the 80/20 rule.

If we can help you become consistent 80% of the time you will achieve your goals and feel your best.

Our 17 Nutrition Habits:

  • Eat real food
  • Eat within your macronutrient allowance
  • Make sure the animals you eat also eats real food
  • Only use traditional oils when cooking and avoid highly processed oils
  • Take advantage of natural “superfoods”
  • Use additive free alcohol in strict moderation
  • Eat whole, naturally produced yogurt, butter and raw cheeses from pasture-fed animals
  • Eat a variety of vegetables
  • Consume small amounts of nuts and grains that have been soaked or sprouted to neutralize anti-nutrients
  • Consume enzyme rich foods. Lacto fermented vegetables, fruits, condiments and beverages
  • Consume bone broth
  • Use caffeine in moderation
  • Filter your water
  • Use unrefined salts and herbs
  • Use natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup in moderation
  • Cook only using quality pans
  • Avoid applying or breathing in chemical base products

Our 8 Exercise Habits:

  • Perform short duration resistance exercise
  • Stretch and strengthen the appropriate muscles to improve posture
  • Go for walks
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Play
  • Relax your mind
  • Get out in the sun
  • Walk bare feet every once in a while

Our 7 Lifestyle Habits:

  • Accept yourself for who you are
  • Become self aware of how you feel
  • Express your anger
  • Take control of your life
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Say what you feel is right in your heart
  • Connect with the world around you

Myth: Cavemen Died Young

Truth: The average life expectancy of the caveman was between 60-70 years old. Though not the best years of life – advances in medically treating diseases have prolonged people’s lifespan. Infant mortality was also much higher than it is today, not to mention sanitization issues and getting attacked by predators.

If you are struggling with your weight, or with other lifestyle-related health issues, and are ready to make a change, we would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation.
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