Prepare Your Surroundings

Jul 15, 2010


Your surroundings have a big impact on your actions whether you think so or not.

If a man falls down in a busy shopping mall, there's LESS of a chance of him getting help from you then if you were alone in an ally with him. With other people around you ask yourself "will someone else help?", "Is he having a heart attack or did he trip?", "Will I look stupid rushing to help him?" Alone you don't even question it, you simply jump in and help right away. In this case the surrounding created a failure to act.

In many situations our surroundings determine our actions. In order to succeed you need to prepare your surroundings to fit your goal. Scientist have now found that discipline is
actually exhaustive, which means the better your surroundings are without the need for discipline (not having any junk food in your house) the better your chance of being able to avoid tempting situations.

If you're on a diet and you have candy by your desk, ice cream in your freezer at home or a friend that keeps pressuring you to have another drink your setting yourself up for failure. So remember this; Failing to prepare your surroundings, is preparing to fail yourself. Time to do something about it!


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