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“I knew that trying to hit the gym on my own on a regular basis and trying to eat better without really having a clear understanding of what that meant really hasn’t been working for me. It was important to turn to the experts, who could coach me not only in the gym, but in the kitchen as well!”

— Leo

“I needed to start putting myself first. I’ve pushed to do things I never thought I could do. The thirty minutes, for me, goes by so quickly – I’ve never been in a workout environment where I’ve had so much fun!”

— Sarah

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The Free Form Fitness Philosophy

Health is achieved through balancing the body and mind, lowering body fat and improving fitness.

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A Customized Exercise Plan

It’s different for everyone, but we use a customized mix of resistance exercises, stretching, and cardiovascular training based on your goals.

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A Personalized Nutrition Plan

Easy-to-follow, whole food eating. We’ll identify what your body is craving and help you to nourish it in the way it truly needs.

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Expert Guidance

A customized mix of caring personal trainers that deliver results and someone to keep you accountable – even when you don’t feel like it.

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