Real Health and Wellness – The 5 Essentials

Aug 17, 2009

One of the aspects of my role as a Chiropractor is to make people aware of the hazards of poor lifestyle choices while helping them to restore optimum function and healing in their bodies.

As Dr. Ben Lerner of Maximized Living has identified, there are 5 essentials of true health, wellness, and wholeness. They are avoidance and reduction of medications, maximum nerve supply, quality nutrients, optimum oxygen levels and lean muscle, and peace of mind and strong relationships.

Let's look at essential #1 today – avoidance and reduction of medications. The first step is to identify what your medications are doing for you. Are they keeping you alive and thus you cannot avoid or reduce taking them? Are they masking symptoms of a dysfunctional and unhealthy body? Or worst case, are they possibly causing some of the problems that you have?

Work with your prescribing doctor to answer these questions, and then make the best decision possible about your medications. Here's a personal example: My husband and I recently visited his grandmother in the hospital. It was announced by another family member that the grandmother is currently taking 24 pills per day. I immediately thought that sounded excessive, and wondered if maybe some of those medications could be reduced or eliminated. She is now working with her doctor to identify what can be done to improve the situation she is in.

Remember, the body is a self-healer that always functions best with an optimum nerve supply and the least possible exposure to non-critical medications.

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