Restaurant Tip

Jan 12, 2011

A friend/client of mine explained to me yesterday that they fell off their diet because they got tempted by the menu. Often, people go to a restaurant and fall for the bread that they give you before the meal or decide to order the pasta instead of the chicken dish. Here’s a tip for you and it’s not one of those small tips like drinking a glass of water before your meal to feel full (which isn’t a bad idea either) but it’s a tip that takes commitment.

Here it is: Decide what your having before you walk in. Don’t even look at the menu. You need to be proactive instead of reactive. Why would you even risk getting tempted if you feel the urge to cheat. Every restaurent can cook you up a great chicken salad or in the morning make you a 2 egg, 3 egg white omelet with veggies on the side.

Start doing this and you will have no problem with restaurants throwing you off track.

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