Shame On You Nutella

Feb 08, 2012

Nutella is heavily promoting themselves as a health food option for parents
through all their marketing channels including their commercials on TV,
sponsoring sports activities for children and through their website.
A similar situation to the discussion we had about Smart bread on my facebook.

In this case, all the commercials advertise the ingredients being hazelnut, coco and
skim milk or “the perfect food for your child to tackle the day
at school”.

Take this for example, right from the home page:

At NUTELLA® we know breakfast is really important to the long-term
well-being and success of Canada’s children.

But what about that first ingredient on the list?

The one that makes up 40% of  that “Hazelnut spread” or 11g of sugar per tea spoon!
Because we all know everyone only puts one teaspoon of Nutella on their
“insulin spiking” whole grain bread. Right?

That same sugar that is causing child obesity in Canada.

This is a pure sign of unethical and dishonest marketing meant to
increase the buying  frequency of their product and position it
as a staple breakfast item right along the other killers bread and
orange juice.

Shame on you Nutella, shame on you.

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