Shoes With Toes

Oct 28, 2010


Personal trainer Shelley wears a pair of these every day and I've been meening to write a post about them for a while now.

What's the deal right?

Well, clinical studies, research and theoretical analysis all reveal that more injuries occur among the wearers of athletic shoes than among barefoot exercisers. What happens is that the body tends to stiffen up, decrease proprioceptive sensitivity and dissipate shock less effectively if you wear well cushioned shoes. The body assumes that the shoes will take the major role of stabilization and shock absorption so it decides to instinctively rely more on the shoes and less on the intrinsic protection mechanism. With these shoes you have the ability to use your toes and they are very thin in terms of cushion making your body feel barefeet.

So all in all, I give them two thumbs up for the functionality! Not sure about the look though.


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