Should I Take

Feb 22, 2012

I often hear this:

Should I take a fat burner?
Should I take a weight gainer?
Should I take this vitamin or this mineral?

Taking rarely gets you anywhere.
Avoiding, (though much harder) is much more powerful.

Rather than thinking about what you should take, start to
think about all the things you could avoid, like these:

Avoid eating fake foods
Avoid eating too many carbohydrates
Avoid skipping meals like breakfast
Avoid eating trans fats and other fake foods
Avoid alcohol, nicotine or any other bad habit
Avoid artificial sweeteners
Avoid staying up late watching mindless TV when you should go to bed
Avoid sitting down all day without getting any exercise
Avoid stress by making sure you incorporate recovery into your life
Avoid stress by removing all toxins around your life
Avoid regular vegetables and switch to organic
Avoid buying vegetables and start growing your own (Bonus points for the planet)
Avoid buying factory farmed meat and switch to grass fed local beef

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