Slimming & Reshaping Gel-Cream

May 17, 2010


You know summer is just around the corner when companies launch their products by adding a twist of slimming or toning or shaping to it. Last week we saw the running shoes that "make you fit" now  yesterday I receive news from Ashley of the commercial for slimming and reshaping cream. The magical ingredients you ask? White tea and anise extract.

Studies that show transdermal white tea as an effective method to burn fat? None

Studies that show transdermal anise extract as an effective method to burn fat? None

But why create a cream that has absolutely no effect? My thoughts are that some people may confuse research with a very similar looking plant called the liquorice plant. The liquorice plant has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as an adaptogen for a long time. Liquorice root cream can alter your endocrine system and has been shown to have different effect on your cortisol and testosterone levels which could in some people help lower body fat.

So what do I have to say about Nivea's My Silhouette, re-shaping gel?



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