Structured for Success

Aug 14, 2011

A few days ago I was waiting for my mother at the mall across from the Laura Secord ice cream store. I hadn’t eaten in about 4 hours and that ice cream was looking better and better every second I stood there listening to my stomach screaming at me to go buy a sugar cone.

Instead of giving in and going for it, I decided to go to the food court and find some chicken. I ordered a plate of chicken and veggies at a little bourbon chicken place. After I ate, the need for that ice cream was totally gone, which brings me to the talk about structure.

I talk to people about weight loss on a daily basis and trust me when I say there’s no short term magical solution like a secret food or special supplement or the way you exercise that ever makes the real difference in the long run. The most successful people are the ones that have a good structure in place that they live by in a consistent manner.

Some structures are like a car with its tires out of line. Though they may be moving forward, they have a hard time because they are constantly having to compensate for a poor structural alignment. They focus on changes that don’t quite give them the best “bang for their buck” but at least they think in terms of a structure and that’s the important part. Because a simple tweaks or realignment of a structure can mean moving forward smoothly forever.

People naturally do 1 of 2 things: They can either move forward towards a goal or oscillate if they have no structure, finding themselves continually moving forward and backward. Like a rocking chair, its structure is built in a way that oscillates, it’s structure is built to move forward and backwards like our natural instincts are if we have no structure. A wheel chairs structure is built to move forward. Two chairs, two different results because of the way the underlying structure is built.

Having a good structure is the foundation of your success. If you want to stop the rebound cycle of losing weight only to find yourself gaining weight again, you must have a structure in place for your exercise and nutrition and lifestyle and stick by it on a consistent basis.

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