Success The Ultimate Wellness

Aug 17, 2010


I believe having success in all aspects of your life is the ultimate wellness. I strive to balance home life, work life, self and community on a daily basis. Success in all aspects is something I strive for every day and it's never ending.

I just finished the book Outliers (the story of success) and it really gave me a different outlook on how someone masters one these categories of success. Here are a few words from the book; "It's not the brightest that succeed. It is rather a gift. The successful are those that have been given opportunities and who have had the strength and the presence of mind to cease them." 

Sure you have to be hard working, persistent and knowledgeable but aren't we all? What Malcolm explains is that when it comes to mastery there are factors that are just simply out of our control and I know ambitious people hate to hear that (including me) but at the same time it's also refreshing to think about. I say this because I often see people focus on one aspect of their life trying to be the next Bill Gates while completely neglecting other aspects and forgetting about their quality of life.

A very respected friend once told me something that I really loved. She said: "Don't measure your success in comparison with others but measure your success with where you started your journey."

I wish you the best quality of life!


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