Oct 18, 2010


Sugarbesity is a new term, it’s so simple you don’t even need an explanation, but that’s the point.

Here is what I mean:

Sugar kills – You and most of my readers already know this but most people don’t. Most people ignore warning signs that tell them to stop eating it (like colds, heart burn, headaches, lack of energy and a 146 more signs)  and others that ignore it too long get full blown diabetes, metabolic syndrome or cancer.

The problem that we have as a society is in making the connection between sugar and obesity. It’s a problem of complexity. When something is too complex to understand it doesn’t stick in the mind and it fails to create an impact.

“Eating fat, makes you fat” is simple. It’s false but simple and that’s why it’s so hard to change in peoples mind. Same with “Eating cholesterol, gives you high cholesterol” it’s so simple, yet false again and will take years to get people to understand this.

“Sugar makes you fat” is too complex. It doesn’t make sense and it’s taking too long to get around.

Hence why most people still think that fat makes you fat and not sugar makes you fat.

So how do we make the complex simple?

We come up with a simple name and we share it with others.

We know the importance of health and fitness

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