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  • Andrew McCann
  • Andrew McCann

Andrew McCann

Training and fitness have always been an interest of mine. It started when I was 13 when a friend of mine wanted to make the AAA hockey team. He needed to increase his physical fitness in order to do so. I didn’t see him all summer long as he was focused on training. When I saw him again once school started, his dramatic change really opened my eyes to the benefits of strength training.

I dealt with a lot of bullying while growing up, and I have always felt vulnerable. Seeing what my friend could do made me want to get bigger and stronger, as well. It took until I was 18 years old for me to fully commit to this new lifestyle. Since then, I’ve been training to get bigger and stronger. I still feel vulnerable at times, so I keep training to feel self-empowered. Let me do the same for you!

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