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  • Andrew Younis
  • Andrew Younis

Andrew Younis

Personal Trainer, Fascial Stretch Therapist

Exercise and fitness is my passion in life. It started with high level football. I was a starter on the offensive line for the Concordia Stingers in Montreal where I studied exercise science. I was lucky enough to have played Semi Professional Football in Alberta where I severely injured my back. That’s where my passion for health and fitness really took off. Through self rehabilitation and by educating myself as much as I could about the human body in general, I found a way to save myself. I was able to get rid of the hopelessness and despair that an injury can cause.

I decided to try to apply what I’ve learned to help others achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. To help them realize their full health potential. I believe there is something to be learned every day. I seek out as much as I can to learn all aspects of health and wellness. I have a canfit certification, my FST certification and my trigger point certification. It is my goal to use everything I’ve gained and learned and will gain and learn to help everyone I can to be the best version of them selves that the can be.

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