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Cydnie Bureau

Personal Trainer

Cydnie’s life-long passion for athletics and fitness lead her to become a trainer. From a young age, she was running, swimming and playing every sport possible. Having primarily played basketball and volleyball, her training style is heavily influenced by athleticism and principles of body-building aesthetics yet emphasizes functionality and overall bodily well-being through practices of mobility, yoga, and pilates.

Cydnie is now a CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist and Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach who trains intensely and lives by the practices she strives to teach her clients. She loves sharing nutrition tips, eating plant-based fuel and making people smile.

Her belief to achieving optimal health and fitness is through a committing to a total life-long lifestyle transformation. The idea of holism is her fundamental principal to being totally fit. She’s very passionate about holistic health and promotes a positive training mindset in order to push clients towards achieving their greatest goals. Her top priority is demonstrating genuine care for her client’s strengths and limitations to deliver the best training experience.!

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