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  • Derek Hector
  • Derek Hector

Derek Hector

Personal Trainer

My name is Derek Hector; I am from Boston, MA and grew up in Roxbury where I was always around a competitive environment. I was competitive from a young age; I always wanted to be the fastest, the strongest, or simply the best at whatever sport was being played.

This was especially true at school. I went to Charlestown high school and found my favorite sport to be basketball I played all 4 years while also playing other sports like football and running track to keep me in shape.

I believe my environment motivated me to become a trainer. I always wanted to work in health and fitness but never knew how I could do so. I went to Bridgewater state university for a few years before realizing that I did not need higher education to get me where I wanted to be.

With a lot of research, I was able to get my certification from ISSA (International Sports Science Association) right as the pandemic started back in March. I am very new to the fitness industry but the things that I’ve learned in getting my certification has helped me become confident in my ability to help anyone reach their fitness goals and beyond.

I am also an expert in sports nutrition and will be fully certified by November 2020. So not only are you getting a personal trainer but I could give some expert nutritional advice. My philosophy when I train with you is to make sure you fall in love with the process of becoming the best you, the fact that you even started thinking about your health is a good first step toward ultimate self-love. As a personal training client, you’ll have your own unique goals – and I will have goals too! As your personal trainer, I will use my higher understanding of health and fitness to design programs and offer guidance to you so that you will achieve the best results possible.

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