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  • Franny Cheng
  • Franny Cheng

Franny Cheng

After a decade of practicing as a community and government consultant pharmacist, I found a new passion for fitness. I grew up physically active and danced on pointe in ballet, achieved a black belt in taekwondo, and spent a few years learning Chinese kung fu, tai chi, and Muay Thai. However, exercise took a back seat after years of working and getting through the daily grind. I ended up gaining weight, becoming deconditioned, and developing different medical conditions, some of which could be improved by regular exercise. I finally decided to change my lifestyle for the better and enrolled in the Personal Training Specialist course at canfitpro. I am now loving my new career path and balancing my time as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, canfitpro teaching assistant, and community pharmacist. When I’m not at the gym, I enjoy travelling, eating, attending rock concerts, and playing boardgames.

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