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  • Ian Derby - Turnbull
  • Ian Derby - Turnbull

Ian Derby - Turnbull

Personal Trainer

Growing up, sport, health and fitness has always been a crucial part of my life. I’ve worked with trainers since I was 15 years old. Playing competitive volleyball and having the extra competitive edge of working with¬† strength and conditioning coaches, allowed me to grow in ways I was told I wouldn’t be able to in the sport due to my height. I was always told “you can teach a tall guy to jump at the net but you can’t teach a short guy how to grow,” that just fired me up. I spent countless days in the gym working to develop my speed, agility and vertical jump. With the strength I developed and determination I had, I was able to go above and beyond any of my previous expectations.

Fitness & health, to me, is about coming out of your shell, growing, learning and being happy and truly enjoying what you’re doing as you’re doing it. I’m a firm believer in a healthy work/life balance and I’ve found in my experiences that the best way to accomplish this is through exercise. I’m a passionate and fun coach, and am always looking to learn more and meet new people. So, if you see me around the gym, feel free to run up and say hi!

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