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  • Jesse Campbell
  • Jesse Campbell

Jesse Campbell

Personal Trainer

Jesse’s passion for fitness started early in his life. Growing up he always enjoyed long distance and cross country running. Shortly after high school he took up long distance biking as well and really started to log in the miles on foot and on the bike. Excessively long cardio sessions and poor lifestyle habits started to show weaknesses in his body. Poor posture, injuries that would never heal, lack of energy, daily acid reflux, were all things he struggled with while try to become a better athlete. This started Jesse on a journey to discover what the human body needs to heal and function at its best.

After realizing the benefits of how lifestyle changes and good weight training principles could impact his life, Jesse was certain that he wanted to use his knowledge to help other people achieve their optimal health and performance. Jesse’s approach bridges ancestral wisdom and modern knowledge to help clients achieve their goals. Jesse is a certified personal trainer and is also a CHEK Institute Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. In his spare time, Jesse enjoys being outdoors in nature, camping, and gathering wild food. He loves reading and listens to a wide variety of music. Jesse also credits martial arts as great source of his personal growth and is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and also trains in Kickboxing.

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