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  • Tess Franklin
  • Tess Franklin

Tess Franklin

Personal Training Manager for Albert st

I am excited by all things health & fitness! I believe there is no single, direct road to arrive at fitness; rather, health and fitness is the vehicle by which you drive the rest of your life in whatever direction you choose.

I am an ACE Fitness certified Personal Trainer, Black Belt in Go Ju Ryu karate, provincial level Figure competitor, and mom of three small children. My own fitness journey has taken me in many directions – through competitive sports, injury, pregnancy, and bodybuilding – and as a result, I have developed a style that is part athletic, part aesthetic, and part preventative.

I want my clients to feel empowered, and safe; pushed, yet respected. As a trainer, I promise to be open-minded while always keeping your goals and best interests at heart.

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