Test Your Fitness IQ

Jun 13, 2011

Knowledge is power – take this quiz to see how much you know about fitness.

1. True or False? Certain activities can help you selectively remove fat from your waist, thighs or other specific areas of your body?

2. True or false? Women tend to have a lower metabolic rate than men?

3. True or false? A person who weighs more burns more calories doing the same exercise as someone who weighs less.

4. True or false? Because we start losing muscle mass every year after the age of 30, physical activity has only a small benefit for older individuals.

5. True or false? Low-intensity workouts maximize fat burning.

6. True or false? It takes a month or two to see improvements in your fitness level if you are doing moderate-intensity activity for 30 minutes three times a week.
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1. False: You cannot selectively remove fat from certain areas of your body. Much of the way you look, including the size of different body parts, is determined genetically. But, there are things you can do! Physical activities will strengthen the underlying muscles and make the muscles firm. Physical activity and diet will certainly keep fat under control.

2. True: Women usually have a greater percentage of body fat than men, and fat burns fewer calories than muscle. This makes women’s metabolic rate 5-10 percent slower than men’s. Because men have more muscle mass, they usually have an easier time losing weight than women; in fact, they burn more calories than women do just sitting around!

3. True: The calories burned during an activity are directly related to how much you weigh. A smaller person has to do an activity for a longer time to use the same amount of energy as a larger person.

4. False: It is never too late to include physical activity in your life. Frail and older people (80+) can participate in regular physical activity programs. In doing so, they improve the capacity of their heart; decrease the risk of falling and improve their psychological outlook.

5. False: Moderate-intensity workouts are best for burning fat. The percentage of fat calories burned is higher for low-intensity workouts, but this can be misleading. A greater number of fat calories are burned during a moderate-intensity workout.

6. False: In general, if you work up to a point where you can do 30 minutes of moderate activity three days a week, you will see improvements in fitness on a regular basis. These improvements will be noticeable within a week or two. As your fitness improves, the activity will feel easier. When this happens, increase your workout until it feels somewhat hard again.

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