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She Needed A Boost for Her Health

Mom of 2

Retired and was skeptical to get back into working out.

Entrepreneur who had a hard time fitting exercise into his life.

Battling with a serious medical issue needed this to work for her.

Weight loss journey – example lost 160lbs!.

Injury Journey

Life Changing Experience

89 and still young


It was the best I ever experienced the trainer was very helpful. & made sure we was okay doing the workout a motivational speaker very helpful outgoing fun environment & friendly people when I left the gym I felt like I accomplished something.
– Tavon Donnyce

I feel very comfortable there and I ABSOLUTELY love their work out variations. It is a high intense work out and I recommend it to anyone because you can adapt each exercise with the weight you want to lift each session – so don’t worry if you ever think it’s not for you. I love love love there. The entire place is always clean and the staff is super super friendly!
– Tamara Ribas Camargo

The best gym I have been… Friendly team…
– Joe S

Fantastic gym and team! Coaches are very passionate– I feel stronger and more knowledgeable. I am very grateful! 10/10 would highly recommend.
– Alice Bronstein

Coaches are amazing! All have different styles but they all kick butt! Friendly atmosphere, they all help you succeed in your goal!
– Maureen Burgoyne

Love the instructors and energy! Beautiful sense of community!
– Tracy Sewall

“Joining FFF was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have more energy, more focus, and feel stronger and healthier than ever. The 30 minute sessions fit perfectly with my busy schedule and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. For me, it’s all about accountability, pushing myself harder, and getting stronger. I couldn’t do any of that without the expertise at FFF. Highly recommend.”
– Darrin Cohen, Byward Market

“I have been a client of Free Form Fitness since 2008. My experience in Kanata and Wellington, for the past 3 years or so, has been consistently excellent. In my view this is based on Jean Luc, Chelsea and Ashley’s focus on the type of people that they hire and the values instilled in the culture. Each client is treated uniquely, there is no template prescribed to all which creates a unique workout experience in the FFF gym that is positive and supportive between the clients and staff. At Wellington, I train with Vania Hau, her degree in kinesiology combined with her personal training approach has made a huge different in my recovery from long standing injuries and significantly increased my overall strength. I highly recommend FFF, it is an integral part of my lifestyle and long-term health and wellness plan.”
– Sue Odle, Wellington

A few weeks ago, I signed up for FFF’s 8 session introductory offer. A couple of friends who have Free Form Fitness personal trainers have had great success with both weight loss and lifestyle changes. So I wanted to find out for myself what made FFF different from other fitness training options.

I’ve never liked gyms or working out and went to FFF with a good dose of skepticism. However, I find myself looking forward to my sessions and the time just flies by. What makes these sessions different from any I’ve had before is the personal trainers’ personalized approach. I was asked at my first session about my preferred training approach. Drill sergeants or the ‘make it burn’ types are a complete turn off for me. I want to understand the physiological basis for the exercises and to be encouraged by the personal trainers. The personal trainers I’ve had took this approach. The professionalism, close attention, and knowledge of these personal trainers is impressive and I look forward to working with them in the months to come.
– Sandra Zohar, Wellington Village

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“This is my 6th year at FFF and while I have continually gone up and down in weight, my body is fit and toned and my mind is focused. The best part of my day is right after a hard workout. FFF is perfection in 30 minutes, getting me ready for any obstacle or challenge that the rest of the day has in store for me. See you in the AM!”
– Debbie Weinstein, Kanata

“I like having the accountability. I am one of those people who if I don’t have an appointment I will find something else to do.”
– Melissa Krulick, Glebe

Personal training client Amanda

Lunging towards success

“It isn’t only the personal motivation, the one-on-one training, that makes Free Form Fitness different. They explain things to me. They care … I feel awesome and I look great, I’ve never received this many compliments about the way I look.”
– Sarah Freemark, Byward Market

“They take your training one notch further than you can do yourself. These guys are good, their style suits me perfectly. If I go to a gym on my own, it is never as intense … it’s that commitment, that one-on-one commitment. You don’t want to disappoint your personal trainer or yourself.”
– Peter Kunstadt, Kanata

“The weight came off like no tomorrow. It was the weight training, and the meal plan that cut back on the carbs, that really helped.”
– Lyndsay Tickner, Wellington Village

bench press woman trainer

Free weights are the best form of resistance

“We both really enjoy exercising together. We have had sessions on our own, but doing it together and sharing the personal trainer is more beneficial. We goad each other on and become competitive. It makes it much more fun and motivates us. (Our personal trainer) is so in tune with what we need. It’s quite remarkable.”
– Jay and Graham Gibbs, Byward, retired

“It’s awesome. Everything is just easier. I am referring anybody and everybody to Free Form. They literally hold your hand to help you get through whatever issues you are having.”
– Nancy Macdonald, Kanata

“I’ve learned a lot about how the body responds to exercise and how it responds to different foods you eat. I know there are a lot of things I can do to lose weight and respond to stress. And what really truly amazed me is how the personal trainers can fatigue you by knowing how to work the right muscles just the right amount.”
– Brian Lugg, Kanata

“Strength does not come naturally, and you can’t do strength training alone at home. Most people don’t know how to do a half hour of weights on their own efficiently. It’s about quality of life. You have one body and you don’t have a second chance to take care of it.”
– Claire Lauzon, Byward


Super mom training through a pregnancy.

“Sometimes, if I was sitting for more than half an hour, my whole right leg would go numb. After a few weeks of (weight training), I was no longer experiencing pain on a regular basis. Weight training, running, and yoga really compliment each other, as they provide the strength, endurance, and flexibility to make my body healthier.”
– Crystal Chan, Byward

“Before I would hit the gym for 75 to 90 minutes at a time. Now it’s a half-hour session with the personal trainer with another 12 minutes on the rowing machine. It’s amazing the results you can achieve with the right combination of diet and supervised training.”
– Leo Valiquette, Kanata

“I’ve been impressed with this organization because they take a personal approach that appeals to the narcissistic side in all of us. It’s a great service business that combines thorough knowledge and expertise that works for people of all fitness levels.”
– Larry O’Brien, Byward

“What I like about FFF is that here I have two different personal trainers who train me completely differently. I’ve noticed big changes just from coming in twice a week for half an hour. You don’t always have to pound yourself to see good results.”
– Collette Bellemare, Byward

“FFF’s friendly atmosphere and training model with two different personal trainers was what I needed to get going. This has already put me in better shape than I ever was before exercising on my own. I am learning a lot.”
– Erin Filliter, Byward

Senior exercise

Any age is the right age to start

“Nobody gets the same thing – the weights are different, the approach is different (for each client). I don’t see anyone getting the same cookie-cutter approach. This isn’t just about exercise. It’s about my overall personal health, my mental and emotional states, too.”
– Monique Tremblay, Wellington Village

“The personal trainers were so open and honest about the importance of being accountable. Whenever I did have a small moment of weakness I would tell them and they were so good about getting me back in a positive mind frame and not dwelling on it. Once you’ve had an experience like that with someone and you see how invested they are in you, you really don’t want to let them down.”
– Chad MacDonald, Wellington Village

“Just having the consistency in my life of three times a week, it’s always there, that’s the catalyst to push me in the other facets of my life I need to do better on. For me, it’s so important to have those scheduled sessions.”
– Lesley Lang, Byward

“There is no shortcut. You have to sweat, you have to lift weights and do cardio. But you have to have to work up to it. Instead of saying, ‘I can’t see myself doing that,’ you have to change your mindset and say, ‘I want to work toward doing that.’”
– Danielle Beauregard, Kanata

gym positive energy

Love seeing these faces early in the morning

“(My personal trainers) understand the issues with my knee and are constantly correcting my form. I can enjoy the full benefit of a complete exercise routine that works around my knee, but isn’t limited by it.”
– Catherine Amirault, Kanata

“Before FFF, going to the gym was a chore and I really didn’t know what I was doing. Now, with FFF’s help, I finally feel like I am on the right track and feel stronger and more energetic than ever. I love working with their staff – it is as fun as working out with friends except they really know what they’re talking about!”
-Janelle Zhao, Byward

“Exercise has re-energized my life at all levels…Thanks Free Form Fitness!
-Nadia Ramseier, Byward Market

“I really enjoy the atmosphere of a smaller more intimate venue. Love the results, love the staff!”
-James Clink, Byward Market

“I just finished a workout and I told Catherine I was a little down on my results and she sent me this, an email saying how proud she is of me for consistently training 3 x a week and to not be down on myself about numbers, that she can see the changes and sticking to her routine means more than anything”.
– Rossana Whissell, Wellington Village

“The strengthening has really helped with my karate. It is so important for my performance!”
-Dominique L., Byward Market

girl lunging

Short term pain, long term gain

“The nutrition homework from Chris has been critical to hold me accountable to my goals. I have lost two of those tough last ten pounds!”
-Lucie Villeneuve, Byward Market

“Free Form in it’s entirety has become my family away from home. The love and never ending support is what gives me the strength to know that no matter if I fall two steps behind, they are ready and willing to help me run three steps ahead! I will never stop singing the praises of FFF for they have changed my life…one day at a time!”
– Rosal Yade, Willington Village

“Alain and I just dedicated to you [Vania] our personal trainer and Torrence 2 monstrous drives on hole number 12 of the Ocean City Golf and Yatch Club (our 2nd 18th of the day) we are playing well thanks to you both. Alain has really seen the benefits of his training sessions on the golf courses (so have I!).”
– Daniel Giasson & Alain Garceau (Shared sessions), Wellington Village

“I appreciate the fact that it is not over-crowded. I love the personal touch, friendliness, intimacy, you are not just a number!”
-Alain Guevremont, Market

“It has made me so much stronger and happier! It has improved my quality of life immensely.”
-Romy Ochmann, Market

“Free Form Fitness in the Byward Market is so convenient for me during my work week and I absolutely love my personal trainers! None of this would matter though if I did not see results. AND I SEE RESULTS!!”
-Anonymous, Byward Market

The best personal trainers you can find

The best personal trainers you can find

“The personal trainers are incredible and truly care about you, Eric and David are so much fun to work with”
– Mary O’Shea, Glebe

“I have been with Free Form Fitness for almost four years, three times a week and have only missed five sessions. My goal is to stay healthy, physically fit and keep my stress down, particularly with all of the travel I do for work. Their trainers’ ability to adjust to my hectic schedule and still keep me on track is what keeps me coming back!”
James Clemens, Glebe

“Missed 2 weeks, was going 2 times a week for 8 weeks and I could not sleep, I was restless and had no energy. Got sore… big decrease in my energy levels on the second week of not showing up…. I can’t wait to get going again.”
-Marie-eve Duval, Glebe

“Dave is always upbeat and positive. I have more energy in my day to day life. I sleep better. I am able to deal with daily work issues with ease. I look forward to my weekly sessions.
-Shauna Devison, Glebe

“Workout Dave” is the best, He inspires me to achieve my fitness goals”
-Sue Wilson, Glebe

“For three years I had been doing strength training on my own, learning from books and the internet. But I had definitely hit a plateau by not having experienced people around me to make sure my form, nutrition and state of mind were dialled correctly. FFF has helped me strengthen my routine, and puns, where I feel I can push myself far more than I has assumed before and get the results I seek.”
-Philip Karpiak, Glebe

“I’m already feeling better, my clothes are fitting better and I’m even thinking about my food differently. I never thought I needed a personal trainer, I knew what I was doing. And for my 20’s and 30’s that worked, but now I’m in my 40’s and injured and this has been just great!”
– Daphne Maravei, Wellington Village

“I’ve tried many time to start a training program and I would usually hurt myself in one form or another and in a few weeks I would have to wait to restart. When I heard about Free Form Fitness, I decided to give them a try. I been training for several months with no injury and now feel much stronger! A big thanks to Mike and Matt for all the great tips!”
-Brunot Godbout, Kanata

Flexing happy

Flexing happy

“All the personal trainers were very dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. The atmosphere in the gym was amazing. I have never enjoyed going to work out more, achieved better results or had a more positive experience.”
-Trevor McKay, Wellington Village

“I have found the entire team at the Glebe to be very welcoming and always made me feel like I was among good friends”
-Meranda Guedes, Glebe

“Training has changed my posture and really my whole way of thinking so I am cognizant of body position. I am in much less pain and getting better every week as a result!”
-Marc Dumouchel, Byward Market

“I love Free Form Fitness! I love Ryan Brown! He has always been there for me, he has always gone above and beyond for me.”
-Joanne Clouthier, Byward Market

“FFF is the place to reach your goals. I always have big plans, but no time to execute them. Training with Matt Uden has and is efficient, motivating and AWESOME!
– Gillian Hauderowicz,, Kanata

“I went to FFF to see if I could work through a suspected hip injury. The moment that i spoke to Tyler and Vania I knew I had come to the right place. Their vast knowledge of my injury and the exercises that they were suggesting for us to work on excited me of the prospect of working through it. After my first session with Vania I was hooked. Unfortunately the results of my scans came back and I need to have surgery and have been told to that exercise can injure the hip further so I am currently benched, but am so pumped to get back at it with the amazing team at FFF.”
– Jody Armstrong, Wellington Village

“I’ve been coming to FFF for almost 6 months. In that time, I’ve made a lot of progress. Not having worked with a personal trainer before, or been a member of a fitness club, I was out of shape and a little nervous about working with a personal trainer. Thankfully, they made it easy. I’ve worked with two personal trainers, both of whom are great … very personable and friendly.

“I am happy with the progress I am making both in terms of muscle toning and weight loss. I’ve also learned that these things take time and commitment.

I like the concept of FFF because it is a training-only facility. Most clients, I discovered, are people just like me.

If you’re considering a personal training, I would try the special deal for $96. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door, work with a personal trainer or two, and check out the facility.”
– Brian Creamer, Wellington Village

“Free Form Fitness has been instrumental to me and my fitness goals. When I first came to them I had done nothing physical in years! I was out of shape and slightly overweight. I was with them for 8 months and managed to develop a great deal of strength and losed 21lbs and more than 14% BF! A few years later I came back because my goals had changed – I was now competing in bikini competitions and their expertise and no nonsense pushing, got me on stage and feeling great! I loved them so much that I am now working for them!”
– Lindsay B, Kanata & Wellington Village

“FFF Inspires me to come in and work hard every day. Nothing beats the friendly staff and environment. Nicolas Antal has been a huge help to get me where I am today.”
– Brian Stephens, Kanata


Ryan, why so serious?

“FFF Has been inspirational in helping me with recovery from an injury and helped me along the way to my fitness goals. The advice and expertise has been monumental in keeping me motivated and healthy. They created custom meal plans and custom program and I can’t say enough about all the information share freely through online services.”
-Mike Weins, Kanata

“I’ve been with FFF for years. They continue to challenge and motivate me to meet my fitness goals. The personal trainers are caring, knowledgeable and very professional!”

–Alana Thomson, Kanata

“My personal trainer at FFF kicks my butt every time I come in for personal training sessions…. and I love it!”

–Janet Gregg, Kanata

“Tyler and Ryan are very motivating and are a positive influence in my life. Without the I would be lost….or at least fatter! Thank you both and thank you FFF for all the great help!”

–Allison Quinn, Kanata

“My personal trainer at Free Form Fitness Ryan is slowly and diligently transforming the way I think about fitness, health and my life generally. Never felt so motivated! :)”

–Allison Pedro , Kanata

“Joining FFF in 2008, I thought I was joining just another gym, pushing membership. I not only was wrong but began to realize this place REALLY cares. The staff are wonderful and fun to work with. Over time you realize that FFF becomes part of your extended family. Many thanks from myself and my children. They thank you as well to see daddy in the greatest shape ever!”

–Sutinder Sandhar, Kanata

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at FFF; I lost over 20lbs and have never felt healthier.”

— David Hale, Wellington West

“My back is better. My hips are not bothering me. I am walking better. This is all thanks to the miracle of Free Form Fitness!”

–Lynne Hudon, Byward Market

“It is so convenient. I walk here from work at lunch, do my workout, energized for the rest of my day. I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

–Lillian Amell, Byward Market

training over 40

Catherine, where do you get all your energy?

“As a busy business owner I have always struggled making my health and fitness a priority. Since joining FFF I have found that having the appointments ready really holds me accountable. Also, having someone planning and pushing me through the workout really gets me the most value for my time! Thank you!”

— Scott Goodfellow, Kanata

“My personal trainer is a great! He kicks my butt every time. Thank-you Ryan for helping me achieve my goals!”

–Anick DeSousa, Byward Market

“My personal trainer is a very dedicated and focused personal trainer, I truly enjoy my time with her ”

–Sarai Porrit, Glebe

“This is a great program. The kanata facility is very complete and quite private. The personal trainers have the ability to discuss and advise. Personal trainer Matt Uden and Mike Robichaud both are very professional. They know the stuff and are very motivating. You look forward to working with them and you feel like you can achieve good result with them. In about 3 months I have lost about 25lbs. I have trained with personal trainers in the past but this is the first time I am losing fat and building muscle. I’ve had experience with other personal trainers in Ottawa and in facilities in the United States. Free Form Fitness is by far the best I’ve seen.”

–Maamoun Abou Seido, Kanata

“I really like my personal trainer Chris! The staff is awesome! The accountability of having to make every session just works.”

–Hugo Prud’homme, Byward Market

“My training is going REALLY WELL! So many factors contribute to my success…the discipline and accountability, the focus of pre-planned workouts. The planning is key.”

–Michael Groves, Byward Market

“Thank YOU! I love and appreciate my own workouts at FFF. If I can encourage friends to challenge themselves physically with me (I need some healthy running partners! Lol) and do it at a locally owned gym….even better 🙂

You guys are a great team :)”

— Dennise Yarema, Wellington West

“Three years ago I started 3 times a week at Free Form Fitness. It was on the advice or should I say orders from my doctor to start a lifestyle change including regular exercise. My stress was “through the roof” and my blood pressure was pathologically high. I was determined to get off my blood pressure medication and regular exercise seemed like the best solution. Guess what? I am now free of those nasty little pills! Thanks so much Free Form Fitness!!”

–Rachel Boyer, Byward Market

personal trainers who care

personal trainers who care

“FFF is awesome! My personal trainer Mike is very in tune with keeping me moving. I like how he will modify exercises so my joints don’t hurt but still gives me a good workout. I love how everyone cares about my success!”

— Kathy Lugg, Kanata

“My personal trainer is excellent, very encouraging and motivating. Great personality! “

Manuelle Ether – Glebe

Both my wife and I are our 5th year at FFF and we truly enjoy the entire experience. We have both worked with a few different personal trainers and are always amazed at their knowledge level surrounding the whole training experience. All dealings with scheduling and payments have always been dealt with (usually by Jules) in a very friendly and professional manner. We look forward to continuing our journey with FFF.

–Bob and Wendy brunet, Kanata

I’ve been coming to FFF in Kanata for just over a year. The first 10 month we focused on balancing from all the old injuries I’ve had. The last 4-6 months have shown a huge change. I’ve got a lot more lean muscle mass, more endurance and a ton of confidence in both what my new body can do and how i fell in my skin. It’s all due to Nic and Ryan for introducing me to strongman training and the help from Jules on nutrition changes. I set the goal in January of feeling confident in a swimsuit by the end of June. I’m 90% there and have I have 6 weeks left. It will happened all due to Free Form Fitness personal trainers help!

–Taryn Gauley, Kanata

“For me the accountability is key. In my day to day work I know how important consistency is and this is reflected in the importance of having consistency in one’s training. The personal trainers do a remarkable job in ensuring proper exercise form with incredible attention to detail.”

–Jimmy Rudderham, Byward Market

“My personal trainer is really good! He has helped me immensely with my shoulder stability so much so that I am now doing exercises I thought would never be possible. The nutrition guidance has been key for me. Chris is very consistent in emphasizing how important the correct nutrition is in order for me to reach my goals. As Chris says it is not always about calories in/calories out, it is about the quality of those calories.”

–Karen Kaschube, Byward Market

“I am back at Free Form Fitness after being off for a few years due to a family situation. While browsing the Free Form website I knew that what I was reading is authentic, true, and there is no fluff. I have experienced it and seen others achieve their goals. I’ve seen the body, seen the transformation, and I’ve seen the results.”

–Lynea DeGeer, Byward Market

“You guys are the best! Chris is great! Facility is awesome! Top trainers, great neighbourhood locations, and top notch service.”

— Ben Sussman, Byward Market

“You can’t take life for granted. You need to change. There is always more we can do to optimize our health and lifestyle. I am doing it at Free Form Fitness!”

–Bashir Mahoney, Byward Market

“I am tired of feeling terrible! There have been so many setbacks and false starts. It feels great to be sore from exercise and not from aches and pains due to sitting all the time. I feel so much better already!”

— Kalin McCluskey, Byward Market

“This has been great, you guys are great!”

— Sandra Byrne, Wellington Village

“I am happy, very happy! I’ve lost inches, I’ve lost weight. I am absolutely thrilled! I am getting into clothes that I haven’t fit into in years. In fact, a pair of capris I bought three years ago and threw into the back of my closet because they were too small, are now baggy on me. Yay Free Form Fitness!”

–Lise Beauregard, Byward Market

FFF was the best thing I ever did to kickstart getting my health back on track after having 2 kids! I was always in shape before becoming a stay-at-home mom, but couldn’t seem to get going again after two very hard pregnancies with continual illness. The trainers at FFF really care about showing you how to workout properly and avoid serious injuries or setbacks. They are the main reason I am finally on track to a better, healthier me. Thanks especially to Jules and Nic!

–Bethany Cousins, Kanata

girl doing leg raises

Can you hold that pose for a minute? haha

I decided to check out Free Form Fitness after speaking to some friends who are clients there. In the last few years, I have been to several different gyms and tried many different programs. After each “false start,” I either injured myself or was simply not motivated to continue.

I started at Free Form fitness in Kanata on January 12th and from the moment I walked in, I was “home.” I know this sounds cheesy but I felt instantly comfortable and relaxed- like I was among friends. I was hooked from day one! I met with Jules for my assessment and was so impressed with the time and detail which was involved. Yes, I had to endure the dreaded “body fat” analysis and the weigh in but after this, he started asking me about what MY goals were and what I was looking for in a trainer! What?! They took into consideration MY goals, MY personality and MY needs and matched me with a trainer who would best motivate me and help me to achieve those goals.

Since I started, I have lost 14 pounds and my body is transforming. I am stronger, more confident and feel so much better about myself. Beyond the physical results, I genuinely enjoy being at Free Form. I am always greeted with a smile from each and every trainer, other members and even the owners! It is a happy place and I smile and laugh while I sweat- a unique combination! I have never felt self conscious, or like I don’t belong. I never wake up thinking “I don’t want to go to the gym today.” Every person is there for the same reason and it is such a positive and motivating environment. How many people can say they know the names of most of the people they work out with? It is a unique environment that celebrates everyone who walks through the door. For this reason and so many more, I am ALL IN!! Extremely happy client.

— Sarah Hazel, Kanata

“The training is soooo good! Competent and extremely knowledgeable trainers. Great encouragement. The atmosphere is very welcoming. Why would I go anywhere else?”

–Stephanie O’Connor, Byward Market

“The personal accountability is critical. I love/need to be scheduled to ensure consistency. The atmosphere is wonderful, the studio is small and quaint and extremely friendly!”

–Dominique Hawthorne, Byward Market

“It is absolutely great!! I am so glad that I started!”

–Francoise Sarkis, Byward Market

“Chris’ depth and breadth of knowledge is critical to address my physical limitations. He creates a targeted and highly effective program which pushes me to crazy performance gains. My abs and ‘pipes’ look awesome!”

–Amanda-May Beaubien, Byward Market

88. “I am such a firm believer in the thirty minute work-out session. Knowledgeable trainers provide a structured program and fitness regime which maximize results in minimal time. Plus its super fun!”

–Samantha Ierfino, Byward Market

“I am enjoying my time here at Free Form Fitness, a great place with great energy. They help me stay focused on my goals and the support is phenomenal!”

–Brian Li, Byward Market

“I have never seen such quick results in my physical appearance when training with Tyler. Not only does he push you to lift, push and go to the next level (past what you ever thought you were capable of doing) but he does it in an encouraging non-judging environment. I am a more timid person at the gym and he not only made me feel comfortable but also feel confident in myself and my technique. His workouts are intense, original, keep you motivated and are honestly fun! Tyler is a great judge of character and has helped me reach my physical and nutritional goals. I could not imagine training with anyone else.”
– Avery Crampton, Kanata

“Being overweight WAS the story of my life. Since childhood, I was always amongst the biggest of my friends and I was teased a lot about it. My lack of self-esteem only increased throughout the years, which made me gain more and more weight. A few years ago, after reaching my highest weight of 190 lbs. I decided I deserved to feel good about myself. It’s not easy to convince yourself that you are worthy of being in good shape and healthy or even think that you can. I started the journey on my own, losing a considerable amount of weight, but I yo-yoed a lot though it. I couldn’t stay at my lowest weight for a long period of time.

Two years ago, I joined the FFF team and they made me reach goals I never thought I could reach. I am now 39 years old, fit and healthy, but most of all, I’m a great role model for my 10 year old daughter.

When I first enrolled at FFF, I intended to stay until I reached my goals and then go on on my own. However, the experience of the past year made me realize that I need the support of my coaches. I have been blessed to work with my two favourite Ryan’s at FFF Dalhousie who have been supportive and crazy at times with my workouts, but always pushing me to exceed my expectations. Thank you guys for being there! Hope you’ll stick around for a while because I sure will.”
-Caroline Joly, Byward Market

“Free Form Fitness is great! The trainers are knowledgeable and very professional. Thank-you so much!
-Fabierre Bonaparte, Byward Market

“Free Form Fitness has helped me sooooo much! I was struggling with workouts and had a lot of back pain due to my tight hips. I decided to give fascial stretch therapy a try. I booked an appointment with Ryan and he performed FST on me. Wow, what a difference. The FST did wonders to loosen me up and I now have great workouts and achieve much better results. I now see Ryan once a week for FST and I have never looked back.”
-Chloe Louis-Seize, Byward Market

“It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you over the past two months. As I had never worked with a personal trainer before I wasn’t certain what to expect but after our first session I quickly realized that a trainer is worth their weight in gold.

You were quick to recognize my physical constraints and understand my personality and used this insight to push me hard using the perfect approach. Even though I had a regular workout regime before meeting you, I appreciated your honest feedback when we reviewed it. You were not afraid to either adjust my routine or remove an exercise (squats) until I gained the proper flexibility to do it properly and avoid injury. I have adjusted my back routine by 80% thanks to your advice and have found increased flexibility and strength in my shoulder by adjusting other exercises and movements. Changes to my routine are not isolated to these examples, I have introduced new exercises to my daily routines which have re-energized my workouts. Needless to say, all this will be invaluable as I enthusiastically move closer to fifty! It was a pleasure working with you and I thank you for your guidance, advice and support.”
– Paul Lavigne, Glebe

Personal trainer Nick with client

All smiles

“Before Free Form Fitness I had a lot of “cant’s” in my life. I can’t do this exercise because of my knee, I can’t do this because of my back. The trainers at FFF have developed a program that works with my body, not against it. Now I not only “can” do certain moves, I feel like I can kick ass!”
-Andrea Dykstra, Byward Market

“In May I subscribed to the eight session discount package and, belatedly,want to express just how pleased I was with the experience. The location, equipment, and set up were first-rate, indeed very classy. The staff were absolutely professional, very knowledgeable and super courteous. I had one session with David who subsequently provided me with photos and text of the exercises. I also had one session with Eric who took me through some of the equipment which was an eyeopener regarding just how weak my muscles have become.

Most of my sessions were with Joey Blais who very quickly caught onto my hearing and vocal difficulties. In so doing he made the exercises very productive and understandable. He was pleasant and courteous throughout.
– Dan MacKinnon, Glebe

“Joining Free Form Fitness has been a great experience with all the friendly staff. I am so glad I joined!”
-Jason (Pipes) Pipersberg, Byward Market

“The 30 minute workouts are efficient and effective. Most personal training sessions in any gym will hold you accountable; however, only in FFF have I felt the personal touch. The trainers and the staff remember you and your goals, challenges, and personal life. You become part of a community, and that positivity will drive you to success.”
-H.M., Byward Market

“Only at the fifth session and I can already feel the results – both mentally and physically. Can’t wait for the rest!”
-Felix Boudreault, Byward Market

“I joined Free Form Fitness in June/July 2014 to workout with Tyler Fawcett. I’ve knew Tyler from his old gym and had great results. One of the thing I like the best is he knows when to mix up a workout to keep motivated (which can be hard at times but he hasn’t given up on me!!). He goes above and beyond to check in to help keep me on track. I am very grateful to have Tyler in my corner to help me reach my goals.”
-Emily Colton, Kanata

“I have been training on my own for awhile now and was extremely happy with the variety and intensity of my workouts after seeking at personal trainer at FFF. The atmosphere is judgement free and really allows me to push my limits each workout. Thanks FFF, summer bod is coming along nicely.”
– Andrea Powers

“I saw amazing results training at FFF with my personal trainer. He was awesome, always motivating me and pushing me to work harder than I have before.”
– Casey Bleeker

“Before I started at FFF, I didn’t know how hard I could push myself. My personal trainers encouraged me to train to my full potential. At first I thought it would be intimidating however Tyler really made me feel comfortable working out. Thanks FFF!”
– Cassie Honey Kanata

“The training at Free Form Fitness has been a critical element of my life for a number of years now. I feel very lucky to be training with Ryan to help me build my strength and rehab my knees. His approach has enabled me to move in ways I didn’t think was possible anymore. He doesn’t back off, just adjusts. The most important element of working with a personal trainer is trust – I trust him implicitly – I know that Ryan won’t make my injuries worse. His focus and attention has also provided some new insights – turns out I haven’t been walking properly since the original injury. Knowing that, I can fix it with his help. The best is yet to come!”
– Meredith Thatcher, Kanata

“Back in February I took advantage of this offer. I am so glad I did. Mike has helped me so much both with fitness and nutrition. I am losing weight and feel so much better. The migraines I used to get every second week are no where near as often or severe. If you have been thinking about getting in shape (or getting back to the shape you desire) this is the place to go. Do your body a favour. Be sure to tell them I sent you!”
– Joy Brunton , Kanata

“The training I receive at FFF has changed not only my health but has given me the tools and mental strength to continue on this journey for years to come. Unfortunately…it also resulted in having to purchase a new wardrobe”.
– Paul Brohman, Wellington


Ryan always emphasizing posture

“This experience has been a (pleasant!) surprise on every level. I’ve always hated working out and avoided gyms. But FFF is unlike any gym experience either one of us has had in the past. The biggest differences are that they cater to one’s preferred training style (e.g., push you hard, support/encourage, etc.) and pay close attention to your every move to maximize the benefit of each exercise and to avoid injuries. Since I started strength training at FFF I’ve become more toned, stronger and always look forward to my sessions.”
– Sandra Zohar, Wellington

“So far these sessions have given me a huge motivational boost. I look forward to the next time I get into the gym EVERYTIME!”
-Sonya Wetzel, Byward Market

“I feel so much better since I started coming to Free Form. Jon has been an exceptional trainer!”
-Jennifer MacDonald, Byward Market

“It is a great workout! Believe it or not it has been fun pushing myself like I haven’t done since university.”
-Feo S., Byward Market

“Free Form Fitness has helped me to gain more knowledge about my diet and the way exercises should be performed during my workout.”
-Lucia Cortez, Byward Market

“It is going GREAT! I am so glad that I joined. I am already seeing improvements after my first few sessions.”
Veronica Sigurdson, Byward Market

“It has been a great experience so far. I already feel like I can be so much stronger and fitter!”
-Paula Carty, Byward Market

“They work me like a dog and I sweat like a pig, in a good way! I love it!”
-Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte, Byward Market

“I began working with Chris at FFF after spending 5 months recovering from a torn calf muscle. In my recovery period I was not able to do much working out and as a result I lost a lot of muscle and put on a significant amount of weight. As a person that identifies as being an “athlete,” not being able to work out caused me to become quite depressed and lose a lot of self-confidence. I have only been coming into FFF for under 2 months and I am already feeling stronger and I am regaining my confidence and happiness in life. My personal trainer has pushed me to be more accountable, not only to him but to myself and to my ongoing recovery. Thanks!”
– Laura Mee, Byward Market

“Building muscle and confidence in unison–that’s pretty freaking priceless!”
Rachelle Dickenson, Byward Market

“Despite the fact I can barely write at this moment…it feels AMAZING! Thanks so much for helping me reach my goals!”
-Isabell Avudria, Byward Market

“For almost three years I have been coming to FFF. In the three weekly sessions I attend I receive a tailored program of exercise that evolves with my personal goals and my level of fitness. The program is designed and overseen by my trainer who is clearly knowledgeable, committed and quite capable of pushing the envelope when I start wanting to backslide. The location and hours are great, scheduling is easy and flexible, and the fact that all the trainers work together as a team promotes a feeling of community and caring.”
– David Cluff, Wellington

senior exercise

Work that chest!

“I am really enjoying my experience here. My health is extremely important to me. This is not my first go at Personal Training. In my past experiences, it wasn’t a bad or horrible one. My issue was that I am a busy professional and I was often usually toast after my workouts. I can work hard but I need to be able to function I couldn’t work out in the morning due to no energy after training with my trainer. I needed to train smarter not necessarily harder. I was a complete vegetarian when started now I eat chicken, fish and eggs. Been here for three month and I’ve noticed I am significantly stronger. My recovery time has improved immensely and I am now able to work out in the mornings which is much better for me. I have a torn ACL and my trainer has only worked around it. I have increased my strength, lost a few pounds and have lost inches. The difference at FFF is that they are genuine and authentic. Thanks so much FFF and David, you guys are exactly what I need.”
-Vidya Shankarnarayan, Glebe

“Thumbs up – it’s exactly what I needed. Everyone is so enjoyable and I love that it is scheduled. I need it to be waiting for me!”
-Kathy F, Glebe

“My experience at FFF has been nothing but positive. The friendly atmosphere with the obvious desire my trainers have to push me to live a healthier lifestyle has changed my life forever. The sense of accountability at the beginning of this journey is an incredible motivator and it really engraved the discipline needed to continue on with this lifestyle forever. I don’t feel like just another client. The trainers here are the best I have ever encountered in the industry.”
-Paulo Aguiar, Wellington West

“Ryan and Matt have done an exceptional job pushing me. Just when I thought I reached my limit, they help me crush the limit and raise the bar. It’s a worthwhile experience at FFF and the best decision I’ve made for myself.”
– Taj Hans, Kanata

“I have been a member of FFF since the beginning 9 years ago. I love the variety of the trainers and the warm feeling you get when you walk thru the door. There are times a person just does not feel like doing it but you never leave saying I wish I never did that. Attitude is everything and all the people at FFF have amazing attitudes. Keep up the excellent work, FFF!”
-Tina Walsh, Kanata

“Coming back to the gym is always hard, so getting a jump-start with a personal trainer can really provide the “push” to put it back in the routine. My trainers have made it fun from day 1 and provides a great balance of the things I like (weights) with the things I need (cardio) to obtain my personal goals.”
-Kate Jubinville, Kanata


Oh yeah!

“The trainers at FFF are outstanding. I feel so much stronger and feel more confident in myself which is worth any investment.”
-Nathan Sheaff, Kanata

“Matt is a very motivational and knowledgeable trainer. In fact, every trainer at FFF has been. Finding great results working with them!”
– Akbar, Kanata

“I joined Free Form to hopefully breakthrough a plateau I had reached after having 2 babies. I initially expected I would join the gym for a few introductory sessions, but after such a motivating experience with Matt I decided to continue on. Within 4 weeks not only did I break through my plateau but I lost 10 pounds! The service and commitment from all the staff and trainers makes every experience in the gym a positive one.”
-Lindsay Thom, Kanata

“It may surprise you to hear this: I have not been nor ever will be your typical ‘gym’ person. In fact, I do not enjoy the gym – that was until I joined Free Form Fitness and met my personal trainer David Maranger.

It was Stephanie Boucher, Owner of Stephanotis Hair, who recommended I try Free Form Fitness after I had noticed two changes: my arms had no muscle strength and I had gained weight to the point where it was decision time. The question was how did I want to age? Healthy or unhealthy?

The eight session introduction is pure genius: not only did I get to check-out the team and their approach before making a commitment, but I actually started to see results in those eight 30 minute sessions.

And that is where David comes in.

Simply said, I think David Maranger is the perfect personal trainer. He has always been respectful while challenging me to push myself further – in a safe way. He encourages me to keep eating healthy foods while being realistic that I will have the occasional scotch and crème brulee. He has a fantastic sense of humour which helps me get through the more challenging exercises and most importantly, he has made me feel comfortable in a gym.

In the brief time I have been working with David, I have lost close to 20 pounds and, most importantly, I feel stronger. That is the only proof you need that David Maranger’s techniques work and Free Form Fitness is the place to be.”
– Raylene Lang-Dion, Glebe

“I love working out! It’s all thanks to Nick and FFF! I have more energy, I feel great and I’m seeing positive changes! Nick is really positive and great at motivating me! Going to keep training with him and FFF forever! Nic, you da best!”
-Ariane Sabourin, Kanata

“I started FFF in January 2015. I enjoy coming in every week to my sessions because it is such a positive and encouraging place to workout. The workouts are always changing so you never get bored! My trainers are extremely motivating and pushes me further that I think I can go. My strength and cardio have improved so much in the past 6 months. I feel much better and have more energy. Looking forward to achieving all my lifetstyle goals at FFF!”
– Alyson Ferguson, Kanata


Pump it up!

“I took the 8 session trial and found that I was not as fit as I thought. I had fantastic trainers who had me doing exercises I have never done before. Keep up the good work guys!”
– Rick Fage, Wellington

“Joining Free Form Fitness has been one of the best decisions I have made in order to achieve my goal to live a healthier and more well balanced life. The team at the Wellington location are the perfect mix of professional and fun. I look forward to each of my personal training sessions with them on a weekly basis – a kind of retreat to focus on myself, have fun, push myself and sweat it out! FFF has become part of my routine and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Since I joined Free Form Fitness six months ago, I have gained a lot of new insight on how to achieve my goals by looking at my nutrition and coupling it with different types of workouts (which are always challenging but still a lot of fun).

I have been a member of big chain gyms before, for several years, and I have never seen the results I have seen there as I have by training at Free Form Fitness. When you go to FFF, you get the feeling that the whole team genuinely cares about your progress and really wants to see you succeed. They really do provide you with the tools to reach that type of personal success – as long as you’re willing to put the effort in, they will be right by your side helping you along and motivating you. I have noticed huge improvements in my cardio, endurance, and strength since I started and I can’t wait to see what the next six months will bring!”
– Leah Bortolotti, Wellington

“Choosing FFF for my fitness goals was the best decision I could have made. All of the staff here are very warm & welcoming. Since starting in June, (about a month ago) working with Matt has led me to being many pounds lighter, already down from 18.6 to 13.5% body fat. I can already see significant cosmetic changes in my body. Just when I think I can’t go any further, my trainer pushes me and gets me to where I need to be!”
– Joey Ghattas, Kanata

“Training is going great and I love working with David. Getting a lot out of it.”
– Valerie Clements, Glebe

“I’m now about 15-20 sessions into FFF. I was fairly fit starting, jogged for 50+ years and occasional gym sessions. I find thank I am stronger, but biggest change is back, neck and head pains are all gone! I appreciate Joey taking me through a variety of exercises, never boring, and I feel that I am being pushed.”
– Robin Fairfull-Smith, Glebe

“I locked myself out of the house when I took Cami for a walk this afternoon. I brought keys — wrong keys. My outside door was unlocked so I was able to get into the porch and “flat hand” my living room window open.

I had done the same thing two years ago or more and had a tough time getting through the opening as I could not pull up and fit through my second leg and hips. I thought about going to my neighbour who has backup keys, but decided to see if I could manage with the window opening. I went through with no fuss or strain in about the same way I would walk through a doorway.

I am not getting any younger, and nothing has changed except FFF.

If you are interested in the special offer FFF has on right now I recommend it very highly.”
– Jean Flowers, Wellington West

“FFF and Joey’s excellent care have put me onto the track I have been so wanting and struggling to get onto on my own. Thank you for you encouragement, pushing and genuine care it is JUST what I needed! I’m a healthier, happier me because of FFF & Joey!”
– Louise Demers, Glebe

“Great motivation from the trainers! Explaining what the exercise is for is great. Also great use of the full 30 minutes, definitely a good workout! Great way to top off a work day!”
– Isabel Theberge, Glebe

personal trainer ottawa

Attention to detail

“Great experience. The trainers (Joey & Eric) are very knowledgeable. I told them the areas I wanted to focus on and they personalized the exercises accordingly. They pushed me to work hard & very motivational. The hours are very accommodating as well.”
– Raquel Castro, Glebe

“Really appreciated that Joey & David paid attention to the injuries I was recovering from. The one-on-one, personalized sessions have been a key part of my returning to being active – without re-injury!”
– Laura Buckland, Glebe

“I really like the training sessions with Joey. He has challenged me to get fit but not pushed me to do exercises I was uncomfortable with. In only a few months I feel like I have more energy and I feel stronger! Thanks Free Form Fitness!”
– Sangeeta Raju, Glebe

“Since coming to FFF, I have found the routine of two days a week very useful. My core strength and cardio have improved significantly.
– Ram Raju, Glebe

“FFF has exceeded my expectations in a very short amount of time, I lost more weight and met more goals in 3 months here than I did at other places in 3 years. And that’s just twice a week for 30 minutes.”
-Gregory McWilliams, Glebe

“Really enjoy the training with David and Joey. I work hard the whole 30 minutes.
– Elaine Feldman, Glebe

“Noticeable improvements over the sessions, enjoyed working with Joey and the facilities. A good learning experience.”
– Jim Montgomery, Glebe

“I just signed up for 6 months after the 8 session trial. Tyler pushes me to try things that I would never normally do – specifically lift more weight than I ever thought. I already feel stronger. The staff is awesome and very welcoming. I would highly recommend FFF to any of my friends. Thanks Tyler!
– Sarah Briones, Wellington

“I started working out at Free Form Fitness on a trial basis. However, once my limited sessions were finished I did not want to leave! I trained with Free Form for a of couple months and during this time I learnt so much about fitness and nutrition that I had no idea about before. Prior to joining, I considered myself to be a fit person, but I was never able to push myself hard enough. I had a great trainer that personalized all of my workouts around my specific goals. My workouts were always different and challenging and my trainer always encouraged me when I struggled. Free Form Fitness is definitely a place I would come back to and recommend to anyone!”
– Maxine Binder, Glebe

“Absolutely adoring my time at FFF, and two fantastic trainers (David & Joey) are the reason why. Feel so much better about myself, and I’m no longer self-conscious.”
– Sam Weinstein, Glebe

“Life is busy and making time to do the things you know you should like exercise, can definitely be put on the back burner. Knowing that I’ve made a commitment to David and Joey and that they will make the best use of my time is motivating and the reason I show up. I always feel so much better when I leave then when I wouldn’t. Thanks so much.”
– Letizia Gardin, Glebe

“I’ve been a Free Form member since October 2014. When I first joined, I was at a point in my life that without the right support and motivation, I wouldn’t be able to make any changes. The team at the Kanata location made me feel like anything is possible. I feel grateful for them, especially Nick. His enthusiasm and encouragement kept me going. Finally a “gym” that got it right.”
– Jenny Campbell, Kanata

“I’ll preface this to say that I have no former gym experience and therefore no baseline to compare FFF to, so please take this as a relatively uneducated testimonial. FFF has been nothing but friendly and accomodating. Their warmth and competent staff provide a wonderful training environment and experience. I have had great success in my personal fitness while training here. While I attribute much of this to changes in myself, FFF has always worked alongside with me and helped me achieve my goals in a manner parallel to my own approach. Thank you Mike and Matt for helping me achieve my goals and your endless knowledge and encouragement!”
-Colin Campbell, Kanata


On CTV working on the core

“My first workout at FFF was tough, no…crazy. Let’s face it, I got the proof I needed that I wasn’t as fit as I thought. My legs were jelly and I was pretty sure I had destroyed my abdominal region. After a few months of working out with my trainers I not only finished that workout and more but I’m adding in more weight, more reps, and look forward to stretching the goal each time. I see a ton of progress in my stamina, my muscle tone, my energy level and most important I get all the way out to the parking lot before I start crying! Ha ha

These workouts are a huge step towards better health, a better outlook on life and the gang is so much fun. I’m having a blast. Can’t write anymore…arms are shaking from that workout. Thanks FFF for being so incredible!”
-Jayne O’Brien, Kanata

“My experience here for the past 5 months has been a very positive experience. My instructors, Vania and Eric have from the start set up weekly programmes that were beneficial for me. I certainly see how much stronger I am and confident in my daily tasks. Thanks to both for their encouragement!”
-Anna Laughton, Wellington

“Since Oct. 3/13, my health has improved, my stamina, and I reached my weight loss goal.”
-Elaine Von Tobel, Wellington

“I signed up with FFF for 8 sessions and just in that short amount of time, I feel rejuvenated. My energy has increased and my confidence is restored. Thank you so much!”
-Melina Jean, Wellington

“In April 2014 I decided to take a different approach to a healthier lifestyle and give Free Form Fitness a test run. I heard about FFF at a Aging with Rage event at GCTC and was impressed with what I heard – particularly from a woman’s point of view. They lived up to my expectation by encouraging me each and every step of the way from Fitness to Nutrition. I have lost 20 pounds and 3 inches off my waist and I have reached my half–way point to my ultimate weight loss goal – but that wasn’t the only reason I joined.

I needed the motivation to look after myself for a change – as a caregiver for my husband over the last ten years it has been very difficult to put my health first and not feel guilty about it. Going to FFF twice a week and having Tyler Prieur, Catherine Marion and Lindsey Blue in my corner and at times my subconscious has kept me focused and gave me an outlet to work off stress and pounds too. I must admit that I’ve had a few set backs too but they are their to get me re-focused.

Personal trainer client Brian

Looking good!

It’s that personal touch that sets FFF apart from other one-size-fits all gyms that I have experienced. If you are looking for a refreshing, tailor-made approach to a healthier lifestyle consider FreeFormFitness – you are worth it! Right?”
-Monique G. Tremblay, Wellington

“I’ve known Jon for years. What I really know and understand is how much he actually cares about me and my health. I feel better about myself and have tons more energy. I can see improvements already in the way I feel and how I look. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me!
-Mike MacDonald, Byward Market

“I had tremendous success with FFF in 2011 going from 232 lbs to 170 lbs. The winter of 2015 was not good to me personally and along the way I lost my way with fitness and health. I have returned to FFF to reclaim it and get back on track with my long-term goals. I feel my trainer, Jon, and the team here are definitely the crew to get me back to my glory years!”
-Michael Read, Byward Market

“A wonderful experience!! Jon was instrumental in getting me to feel ‘fit’ once again. He was a great coach and very cooperative with my schedule. I will cherish this association and never forget it!”
-Subhash Malholtra, Byward Market

“I have been having a GREAT time at FFF. I have learned so much already in just a few sessions. I can definitely see progress and can’t wait to see more improvement!”
– Saskia Griffiths, Byward Market

“I have been wit FFF since May of this year (2015) and I absolutely LOVE it! My trainer, Ryan, is fantastic and in only two short months I am already seeing monumental results. I have more energy, I am in better moods, and I actually look forward to working out. I recommend it 100%!”
– Kim Barrett, Byward Market

“I’ve never felt comfortable in a gym setting before, mostly because I have limited knowledge of how to better my body through exercise. Coming to FFF, I was apprehensive, but the trainers have all been very welcoming and comforting. I feel that, even in only 6 sessions into my intro, I feel stronger and more accomplished. I’m definitely going to keep coming back; not only to better myself, but to maintain this whole experience.”
– Saniye Sahin, Glebe

“I’m so glad I signed up for Free Form Fitness- It’s made a huge improvement in my fitness, both strength and cardio. I was stagnating going my own routine and FFF provided the extra direction and motivation I needed. My posture has improved tenfold since I started in April and all daily activities, from opening doors and lifting my son to moving furniture, is so much easier. I’ve worked with Dave, Joey and Eric at the Glebe location and they all have there own styles, which provides a great overall perspective of fitness. I can recommend each of them. Great experience!”
– Caitlin O’Doyle, Glebe

“I’m glad I signed up for Free Form Fitness. I work 12 hour shifts and it’s hard to get to the gym. Since I started going I have noticed a change in my strength. The individual training is great. It’s nice to work out one on one and get encouragement and learn how to do exercises with proper form. So far it’s been a great experience!”
– Corinna Pritchard, Glebe

“Working out at FFF has been great. Matt is excellent at explaining the movements and what they train. He is very good at steadily increasing the,. He is also very good at encouraging me throughout. Thank you so much FFF!”
– Megan Cataford, Kanata


Love seeing this

“Triple F is all about accountability. Not only are you accountable for your own success but the personal trainers take ownership over your success as well- this is why it works. You and the trainers are a team striving for a goal and that is what I love about it because the accountability is not only held in the gym but outside as well. Just because the workout is done doesn’t mean the accountability is finished.”
-Shannon Kenward

“I trained with Vania at FFF all through my pregnancy and afterwards. The tailored workouts and advice helped keep me energized and healthy throughout! Afterwards, I find I bounced back quickly and am able to work out harder than ever. I’m so happy with the results and would recommend anyone train here pre- and post-natal.”
-Ashley Glen

“Earlier in the summer I walked into Free Form Fitness located on Bank St and was greeted by many friendly and professional employees. I decided to enroll myself into their introductory program and was paired immediately with Mr. Eric Langford. Mr. Langford was briefed about my medical condition and started researching my disease, with this research in hand he was able to format a training session completely catered to my physical limitations. Mr. Langford has been an exceptional trainer and as a result I have lost several pounds and inches, his continued support has made my transition back into fitness smooth and positive. The staff and training facilities are exceptional. Go Free Form Fitness!”
– Chantel Hoang, Glebe

“I’ve been going to FFF since January and am happy with my results. I am definitely feeling stronger and can see positive changes in my posture and shape. Just one visit a week keeps me on track and focused on my goals.”
-Susan McGahan, Wellington

“My name is Sam. I have been with Free Form Fitness for approximately 3 months. It has been a great experience. Everyone here is very helpful. Great workout sessions for busy schedules. Definately developing a healthier lifestyle and gaining more strength and energy. Thank you FFF!”
– Sam Tang, Glebe

“I am two months into my program with FFF this is the most effective workout plan I have had to date. Perfect balance of flexibility with schedule, customized plan and diet. My body is already healthier.”
– Kawan Rakhra, Glebe

“I am halfway through my intro sessions and I love it! Joey is a great motivator which definitely helps me. I’m always looking forward to coming in!”
– Sarah Quinney, Glebe

“So… 30 + years of working out and Ryan kicks my butt with a 2.5lbs dumbbell… Working muscles I never knew I had! Love this place! Love the people! Can’t wait for the next session! (s)”
– Sean T. Pedro, 50 & ripped!

“Great time so far – very informative! Enjoying all my sessions and looking forward to more.”
– Nicole Stewart, Glebe

“Great sessions so far, I am learning a lot and enjoying trying new exercises and workout out new muscles. Both trainers have been great and I am motivated to keep working out!”
– Nicole Grant, Glebe

“Had a great intro session experience with Nick and Mike! Thanks for the great workouts guys! Super professional and fun!”
– Carrie Innes, Kanata

“FFF Staff are incredibly motivating and personable. I love the variety in the workouts and helpful milestones (e.g, while doing one workout, we discuss how it will grow with my ability, becoming a marker of success). Thank you!”
-Jenn Verma, Wellington

“FFF was a great experience. I had the pleasure of working with Vania and Tyler who were extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I won’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family. Keep up the great work”

–Amelia Zaglul, Wellington

“Having a great time so far working out at FFF. I’m half way through the intro sessions and things are going well. The trainers are very knowledgeable and motivating. Would recommend FFF to anyone looking to work on fitness & health goals.”
– Jonathan Amor, Glebe

“The guys are a joy and a delight. I really appreciate how they are able to push me, and be rather fun at the same time. After a few weeks here, I already feel stronger, and I have fun! Thanks!”
– Kate Clark, Glebe



“I am starting to see results already. Looking forward to getting my butt kicked some more soon!”
-Adele Boivin, Byward Market

“It’s been going great! I love the individual attention that allows me to focus on my problem areas and improve my technique. The thirty minute sessions are a great way to end my day of sitting at a desk.”
-Carole Domen, Byward Market

“I really appreciate the way Ryan B. eases me into getting back in shape. He pushes me just enough so that I can progress without pain (at least not too much!). The individual attention and tailor-made program, with adjustments as required, really encourage me to come back. Thank-you very much Ryan!”
-Suzanne Taschereau, Byward Market

“A few sessions in and Jon has been terrific at gently assisting me back into a gym routine. Noticing the discomfort of progress, and short of my own body limitations, a great experience!”
-Barry Cook, Byward Market

“Have been doing the introductory offer and after 6 sessions I feel stronger. The sessions are always different so I don’t get bored and work all areas so I feel like I’m getting a full body workout. Really enjoying my experience.”
– Sara Cooper, Glebe

“Instructions in sessions, informational & fun – coming back for more! Thanks!”
– Noelle Akman, Glebe

“It’s great. Great workout, great personality. Tyler is awesome. Keep up the awesome work!”

— Jean-Marc Arsenault, Wellington

“Staff from FFF are well knowledge in Kinesiology which really helped me improve and lengthen my muscles with PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching. Thank you!”
– Hitomi Kobayashi, Wellington

“Tyler is an amazing coach and my sessions at FFF have not only increased my strength and ability, but have motivated me to make the most of my own time at the gym and return to our sessions with more confidence every week. Thank you!”
– Wallis Stagg, Wellington

before after fitness

Yep, that happened.

“Free Form Fitness was instrumental in helping me, not only with nutritional advice, but also giving me the confidence to trust myself more than the so-called experts. There is so much mixed information out there … You have to figure out what’s right for you.”
– Don Whiting, Wellington Village

“FFF has been a great motivational experience for me. Tyler’s workouts have helped me physically (I never was this sore working out before!) and mentally as he is always positive and enthusiastic! Thank you!”
– Melissa D’Angelo, Wellington

“A big thank you to the team at Glebe Free Form for supporting my return to strength training after having my kids!”
– Natalie Byers, Glebe

“ I have been training with Matt Uden at FFF since March this year. I hate exercise and my movement of choise is to turn pages on the novel I’m reading! Matt has been amazing!! He has inspired me and encouraged me and was willing to start the training in a slow manner and build up as I was terrified of the whole idea of working out in a gym and I was turning 60. His immense knowledge of how to strengthen problem areas such as knees, shoulders, plantar fasciitis, etc., ensured that he always knew how to strengthen the area before pushing me. He has even incorporated some running into my workout. I can’t believe I’m doing what I’m doing at the gym. this has immensely changed my quality of life including lowered anxiety, increased energy and flexibility. I look forward to the time I spend with Matt each week, in training and being educated.
– Margaret (Margy) McGregor, Kanata

“They make me work hard but it’s working! Good support, thanks.”
– Pat Nadarajah, Glebe

“Love the encouragement of the instructors. They have a great way of pushing me to do one more”
– Carol McLeod, Glebe

“I never really enjoyed working out or even going into a gym but the team at FFF make me enjoy getting up every morning to come work out. Joey is my trainer and he pushes me to go beyond what I think I can or even could! Joey rocks!”
– Allison Bone, Glebe

“Great workouts – lots of variety, a great challenge every session – perfect for people looking for a motivational push!”
-Kathryn Moore, Glebe

“Solid workouts in a short stint keeps me motivated. Great direction on position & intensity. I’m pumped to keep going.”
– Wendy Mitchell, Glebe

“Best workout I’ve had in years! Eric really listens to my goals and concerns and incorporated them into the workout.”
– Anonymous, Glebe

“FFF has been awesome to kickstart my fitness and health. Joey’s workouts are effective and informative and he’s really worked at improving my form. I’ve definitely been talking about to gym to my family and friends!!”
– Glebe

“Chris and Jon are fantastic trainers, they really know what they’re doing! They are both very talented and knowledgeable. They never make you feel inadequate. All in all, FFF is great!
– Phil Zakoor, Byward Market

“Everything is going great! I am learning new stretches and whole body workouts unbeknownst to me previously. Everyone is so knowledgeable and accommodating.”
– Devon Smith, Byward Market

“Working with Jon has given me the opportunity to get to know my physical and mental entities at the next level of awareness. As each workout progresses we raise the bar to build and refine the muscular structure bringing it into equilibrium with the total essence of whole body, mind and spirit well-being.”
– Feteema Remtulla, Byward Market


Belly …gone!

“My son didn’t like to exercise and he really liked working out a routine with Tyler. He is feeling much better and stronger. He thinks Tyler is a cool coach. Anne-Sophie really liked her experience. She loved all the trainers, particularly Torrence and Catherine. Thank you! You are a fabulous team! Vania you are so efficient!”
-Nathalie Boivin, mother of Daniel (age 14) and Anne-Sophie (age 9)

“This has been great! I thought I’d try out something new and had never been to a gym before. The introduction sessions have kicked my ass and I’ve recommended them to everyone!”
– Dean Watson, Glebe (August 2015)

“The workouts at FFF have been stellar. One of the greatest challenges I have had in the past is to maintain my heart rate. I would tend to take many breaks and consequently spend a lot of time at the gym with minimal results. These workouts are exactly the opposite! High and sustained heart rate with specific muscle development all within ½ hour. Matt is awesome as are all the personal trainers here! Keep up the fabulous work!
– Kevin Isenor, Kanata

“The trainers’ motivation is contagious! They are also able to work around my injuries with skill and targeted exercises. The Wellington Street location is well run, bright, and cheerful!”
-Eleanor Bouliane, Wellington

“I really enjoyed my workouts with Tyler and Catherine. I have better movements with my injured shoulder after the exercises. Thank you to the great team!”
-Janet Cheng, Wellington

“I absolutely enjoyed my workouts at Free Form Fitness with Tyler. I feel very motivated to achieve my goals at every session. Tyler is a great motivator and inspires me to get through each session. Thanks for a great experience!”
-Liz Arsenault, Wellington

“The first thing I noticed was how much more energy I had. The biggest change physically so far has been the improvement in my posture. I never really enjoyed going to the gym, but at FFF I have been looking forward to my training appointments!”
-Luc Turgeon, Byward Market

“Love the team/multi-trainer approach of Free Form Fitness. Workouts are fun, fast paced and target yo my goals & abilities. Joey & Dave always push me to out do myself. Definitely recommend them. In fact I already have!”
– Emily Bond, Glebe

Personal training client tarad

yep …that happened too.

“You can get a wonderful workout in 30 minutes. You don’t have to run for three hours. I wouldn’t be doing it right on my own and I wouldn’t be pushing myself as hard. The accountability is huge.”
– Tara Dear, Wellington Village

“My arms are too tired to write… thanks to Joey! I thank and curse you in the same breath for the tough workouts.”
– Carolynn White, Glebe

“Great workout – concepts are well explained and trainers are super. Would definitely recommend.”
– Calina Ritchie, Glebe

“Love that it was tailored to my requests 🙂 Thanks!”
– Melanie Allen, Glebe

“Fantastic! I have been going to other fitness studios for the past ten years. In those 10 years I haven’t worked as hard as I have at Free Form Fitness. It is great!”
– Jessica McGuire, Kanata

“I’m really excited that I joined Free Form Fitness. It’s only my 5th session and I am already starting to see some changes, not necessarily in my appearance but I definitely have a lot more endurance and I get less out of breath when exerting myself. I am looking forward to continuing on this journey with Free Form Fitness!”
-Marie Victor, Byward Market

“For a seasoned fitness veteran or for a first-timer like myself, FFF is a great place to work-out. Not only is the planning and programming phenomenal, the cost is very affordable. The instructors are exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. So much so that ask them any question concerning fitness, nutrition, or lifestyle and they will have a comprehensive and accurate response, and if they do not know, they will find out!”
-Juan Karamoy, Byward Market

“This has been an educational experience in so many ways. I have never done such unique exercises before. I feel my body is already getting stronger and more toned. Plus I have so much more energy after my workout!”
-Pierrette Brisson, Byward Market

“J’ai adore mon experience d’entrainement personnel avec Joey, il est comme le petit kangourou Australien. Il ne perd pas de temps par te faire rebondir d’un cote a l’autre et te faire travailler fort alors qu’il voit le potentiel en ses clients. Merci!! :)”
– Melanie Tremblay, Glebe

“My husband and I have been clients at the FFF fitness Wellington location for a year now and love it! After too many years of putting everything else first and multiple failed attempts to lose weight on our own, he signed us up for a consult. We love the one on one training, motivation and accountability. For the first time ever we actually enjoy going to the gym thanks to our great trainers Catherine, Vania, Eric and Tyler. They are so invested in our success to get healthy it makes it easier for us to reach our goals. We’ve both lost weight and inches and feel great. We love the family friendly atmosphere and positive attitude of the trainers that we’ve decided to keep up our training with FFF.”
-Tammy Nault and Charlie Harvey, Wellington

“I’ve been working with Catherine for my 8 session promo package and had sustained a broken hand and wrist before I began. Catherine helped me work around my injuries while still giving me a great workout. Having not exercised in quite some time my body has felt the benefits and I would recommend anyone regardless of their injuries. Give this a try. It is so worth it as they are more than willing to create a program around you – the sign of great trainers.”
-SF, Wellington

“Coming to FFF has been unexpectedly fun making the time you are training go by very fast! Jon is fun to train with and always has varied workouts which keep me learning new skills and moves. Resistance training has also motivated me to want to eat more sensibly.”
-Agnieszka Zagorska, Byward Market

“Ryan is an incredible trainer and has the best smile! He also has the most wicked-like sense of humour ever! All kidding aside, I absolutely love the FFF formula and feel soooo much better since I have started training here.”
-Lysanne Lessard, Byward Market


Entrepreneurs love us

“Free Form Fitness has allowed me to build the consistency I was lacking, by focusing on the long-term versus the short-term pleasure of eating that thing,”
– Nazim Ahmed, Wellington Village

“The team at FFF has to be the most enjoyable and most effective personal trainer I have ever had”
-Daniel Weinand, Glebe

“I joined FFF about 6 months ago and have been thoroughly impressed with the company and results. FFF has designed a truly innovative health and fitness program that drives results and is tailored to each individual to make it interesting, manageable, and to make sure you succeed. The personal trainers are experts, very friendly, and dedicated to working with you to get the results you want by balancing your workouts and also helping you with proper nutrition. I highly recommend FFF to everyone. It is a great program and great group of people to work with to improve your fitness and health.”
– Nathan Sheaff, Kanata

“For the past 2 sessions I have met with Matt Uden. I have found him to be very knowledgable and engaging. Straight up he has gone through my initial assessment with Nic, plus he has been informed about some back issues I have been having – he was very careful to ensure no further injury to my back took place. I really enjoy his attitude and the methods used to keep me motivated for those final few reps. He is serious, but that is tempered with humour and a very positive attitude. Overall, I find him to be a fantastic fit for me here at FFF. Thanks much!
– Scott Spallin, Kanata

“First six sessions have been great. The only issue has been my [busy] schedule 🙂 Great to get back into a regular workout routine.”
– Rodney Waugh,

“First four sessions were just what I was looking for & learning correct form and being pushed to work harder than I would have on my own.”
– Anne MacIsaac, Glebe

“Really like the sessions, instructor patient, well informed, very thorough.
– Don Moncion, Glebe

“I really appreciate that the exercises are explained. I think this is exactly what I need, just more!”
– Ben Mazowita, Glebe

“I’m getting used to working out and I feel more flexible than anytime before. I have so much energy and the whole experience has been incredibly rewarding!”
-Lujayn Alyaman, Byward Market

“This is the first gym that I have ever loved! Ryan M is an amazing trainer. He knows exactly how to get me out of my negative headspace and focus on the positive. FFF is a true gym in every sense. I look forward to coming for every workout!”
-Seema Rampersad, Byward Market

“I bought the promo package last Christmas but delayed using it due to a shoulder injury. 8 months later I decided I had better start working out as the should was not improving anyway. After 3 workouts with Catherine and Vania my shoulder pain actually lessened! My schedule is/has been incredibly busy and consequently I haven’t been working out. Having a trainer got me back into exercising in doable time limits with great workouts. This has been very important and I would recommend highly. Both Catherine and Vania are great trainers able to design a program around your abilities and needs.”
-Joyce Abarbenel, Wellington

“The best endorsement I can give Tyler and Eric is the way I don’t need to buy bigger pants each month. The mix of encouragement, mentoring and burn is ideal for someone like me who got winded tying their shoes.”
-Adrian Lippert, Wellington

The best endorsement I can give is that FFF’s intro sessions to personal training has reshaped my views on working out. What used to seem like an arduous task is now something fun and fast that works with my busy schedule.”
-Mili Sampat, Wellington

“I didn’t think 30 minutes would be effective! (But is is!) Having trouble writing because my arms are shaking (in a good way). Great service for professionals who don’t have 2hrs/night to work out. Thank you! Also great trainers and great diversity in style and exercises.”
– Crysta Balis, Glebe

“Can’t walk. Can’t breath. But feels #@?!ing great!”
– Pat Norton, Glebe


Great recovery!

“This is my first time having a personal trainer and it was certainly a great idea! Now, I feel more motivated and healthy and this is only since I started to come to Free Form Fitness!”
-Josefa Manuel, Byward Market

“Catherine Marion is the bestest! So are all of the trainers at FFF!! I could not start my day without a training session with her!”
– C. Lee, Wellington

“Free Form Fitness has a welcoming, non intimidating atmosphere perfect for all levels of training. While at first skeptical of the effectiveness of a 30 minute training session, I know I work harder and accomplish more than in traditional hour long sessions. While still a fairly new member, I have already noticed myself stronger and more physically competent both while training and in my everyday life. The staff is great, always positive and motivating. I look forward to my Monday/Wednesday/Friday sessions as a great way to start the day.”
-Andrew Levitan, Byward Market

“This is my first time having a personal trainer. Alex, my trainer, has been super great and she has taught me soooo much! I would recommend Alex and Free Form Fitness over and over again!”
-Marissa Dinardo, Byward Market

“After having our first son it was tough to find time to be active. I started working out at Free Form Fitness with Torrence. She’s awesome and makes my workouts fun and fly by.”
-David Turnbull, Wellington

“FFF has exceeded my expectations by a lot. The training sessions are professional and designed just for my condition. Totally successful experience.”
-Anonymous, Wellington

“I was afraid of going to the gym because my last experience with a trainer left me with an injury – not with FFF. The staff are experienced and coach you very well – it’s given me the desire to keep going!”
-Diane Hull, Wellington

“I’m so glad that I decided to try FFF. Since joining, I’ve felt more energetic on a day to day basis and have had an all around better mood. I feel more in tune with my body and the way that it feels everyday. The idea of accountability works so well for me – once my session is booked there is no turning back and no making excuses. Tyler is a great trainer – really enjoy the relaxed (yet effective) attitude. The pace is perfect and I leave the gym feeling accomplished every time! Thanks Tyler and the FFF team!”
-Anne-Marie McKenna

“The way the program is structured helps busy people a lot. 30 minutes of ? attention is wonderful. I leave here feeling less stressed and like I’ve had a good workout.”
– Jossana Souza, Glebe

“Good pace, good people, good feeling”
– Denis Cusson, Glebe

“Learning new techniques to help me work out more effectively with fewer injuries!”
– Jacki Nyman, Glebe

“Joey and Eric make my workouts enjoyable and motivating, explaining the why of what we are doing. I’ve signed on for more.”
– Kevin MacNeill, Glebe

“After six sessions, feeling good/positive. The instructions are fantastic.”
– Pamela Giannandrea, Glebe

“After two weeks I feel great! My posture has improved and I feel my gait is stronger and more symetric. I sleep better and feel more awake in the morning. The work has paid off and is definitely worth the reward.”
-Safi Benaissa, Byward Market

“A very full and efficient thirty (30 mins). Well-planned and structured. A lot more taxing than you would anticipate from a 30-mins workout and it carries with you the whole day. Thanks Jon, Rich and FFF!!
-Nick Zhang, Byward Market

“Great workout in thirty mins. Needed a personal trainer to really push my limits. This was my first time using a PT and definitely will continue. Keep up the good work guys!
-Phillip Ho, Byward Market

“As many other people, I was going through one of those busy phases of life with work, study and a small kid at home. I wanted to do some exercise but I was never able to find time to do it. When I saw FFF’s ad announcing the trial package for $98 I thought it would be a good incentive. And it was! But not only that. The staff was always really friendly. The experience of having personal training was great and it showed me that it is possible to have a good quality workout with 30 minute sessions. FFF was fundamental to make me get exercise back in my routine. Thanks guys!”
– Daniel Bianchi, Kanata

“FFF has given me a great introduction to working out, putting my anxiety and uncertainties completely at ease. I leave every session better informed and me confident having had my limits pushed. The staff are all friendly but know how to motivate me to push myself so that I leave exhausted. Thanks for your help, Monique!”
– Rebecca Rahme, Kanata

“Supportive and encouraging; inspired me to take more charge of my health.”
– Denise Chong, Glebe

“Very good, respectful trainers and positive approach. I never felt pressured or stressed. Good humour and new exercises with … all the time.”
– Sheila James, Glebe

“Awesome staff, great facilities, good vibe. I highly recommend FFF.”
-Justin, Wellington

“It’s only been five session and i’m already loving all my trainings and feeling better and stronger. I like the professional and nice atmosphere and am looking forward to more training.”
-Karen, Wellington

“I always feel great after a workout and I’m guaranteed to leave my desk for it! Thanks!”
– Judy Marshall, Wellington

“Having some very good sessions so far. I feel sooooo good about myself moving forward with my body and health goals. The structure and regiment helps to keep me committed and focused. Thank you!!
-Anthony Tulai, Byward Market


This client is all heart

“I have had a great time working out at Free Form Fitness. The trainers are awesome and they tailored my workouts to meet my fitness goals. I feel better about myself and I am getting closer to my goals. Everyone at Free Form have been exceptionally professional and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks!!!”
-Jessica Walker, Byward Market

“Two weeks in and my whole body is feeling the effect of these workouts. It’s pain but in a good way and I am so excited to see the results!”
-Brandon Schultz, Byward Market

“I am really enjoying the workouts and appreciate the motivation! I feel great and I am noticing improvements already. Really glad I joined!!”
-Meaghan Green, Byward Market

“I feel so much better. I has certainly helped me understand all the different exercises and what they do. Awesome work guys!”
-Vanessa Noel, Byward Market

“I am starting to feel stronger already! I am definitely on my way to better health and fitness. I am so glad that I started.”
-Tezeta Mitiku, Byward Market

“Over the past year I really took an undeserving break from keeping my body in peak shape. Jonathan has helped me realign my fitness goals and provided a step by step plan to getting myself back on track and into the lifestyle I want, and more importantly, need to have. Every business needs a plan and so does your body!”
-Chris Nucci, Byward Market

“I feel much better since I started at Free Form Fitness. More hope, more energy, and less stress. I really love it! Thanks to Luzia and Alex for being such great trainers!”
-Maryam Jamaati, Byward Market

“Thanks for jump starting my exercise after 10 years with no gym time! We are lucky to have such a great studio in the neighbourhood!”
– Valerie du Plessis, Wellington

“Both of my trainers were great. They used their unique backgrounds in training to tailor my program and I would always leave with a great sweat!”
– Jill Belore, Wellington

“ I am really enjoying my sessions with Mike and Monique. I like the philosophy behind my workout and that it is tailored for my needs/strengths/weaknesses. The trainers are very knowledgeable and have opened my eyes to a new way of training using dynamic warm ups and varying repetitions. The environment is very friendly and stress free. They push you to the limit without exceeding them.”
– Anda Vulpoiu, Kanata

“I’m feeling really motivated and sensing small changes in just a few sessions. By coming in 2x/week, it is making me plan workouts and meals. I am very thankful for my amazing trainers, Jon and Alex!”
-Kayla Doyle, Byward Market

“After 5 sessions I am already noticing a difference. I move better and can see where this is going!”
-David Millar, Glebe

“Had a great time. Very friendly, motivating, helpful and energizing staff, helped me towards meeting my goal.”
– Ian Clipperton, Kanata (October 2015) (55)

“A few weeks ago, I signed up for FFF’s 8 session introductory offer. I’ve never liked gyms or working out but this system of working intensely for half an hour is different. I feel that I accomplish a lot in a short period of time. I like the personal trainers’ personalized approach, the professionalism, and close attention to detail. The knowledge of these personal trainers is quite impressive. Thank-you so much!”
-Nora Viale, Byward Market

“I am really enjoying myself at FFF/Dalhousie. In my opinion, the cooperation with Ryan M. is very good, and he has a good eye in terms of finding the optimal weight levels for me. The exercises he lines up for me are very varying and he justifies them for me in a way that is very convincing and motivating. As I told him yesterday, I am starting to feel muscles in my body that I did not know even existed, and this only two weeks after I started. Also, the things with posture he is doing are probably very important, because at work, I mainly sit by the computer. I am very satisfied with how things are developing.”
-Markku Suski, Byward Market

“My experience at Free Form Fitness has been very rewarding. The staff have been very helpful and the guidance has been top-notch. They have been cognizant to not push me beyond my limits whilst providing instruction in a helpful, and easy manner.”
-Earl Atnikov, Byward Market

“Really enjoy the stretch routine and variety of workouts I have been introduced to here since starting personal training sessions.”
– Rhys Abdeen, Glebe

“So far I am very much enjoying my experience at FFF. The staff is very knowledgeable and dedicated to motivate and challenge you to achieve your fitness goals. I look forward to my workouts with Luzia and even find them enjoyable! The workouts are very effective especially when compared to the times when I would try to plan and do everything on my own. Give these guys a chance to make a positive difference in your life–You will not regret it!”
-Barb Sibiga, Byward Market

“I am learning a lot about keeping the correct postures while performing the prescribed exercises. It certainly makes the workouts much more difficult; however, my movements are much more efficient further enhancing my progression toward my goals. Thanks!”
-Valerie Veilleux, Byward Market

“I had signed up for the Introductory Sessions. The sessions were well organized and informative. There was a lot of feedback and encouragement throughout the workout. Some exercises accommodated the fact that I have joint issues, but all areas were targeted. Overall it was a great experience.”
– Glebe Client

“So far my experience has been great. With each new session I’ve learned something new and new ways to keep improving.”
-Joel Kaminski, Glebe

“I have enjoyed (well, as much as that’s possible) all the exercises I have learned during my workouts with Joey and Monique so far. They have been very effective, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.”
-Cari-Anne Ackland, Glebe

“I really enjoy coming to FFF. So far the workout has been awesome! Joey is great and I have learned a few great moves that I can try at home everyday. Thank you so much Joey 🙂 “
-Catherine Cheng, Glebe

before after image

Waist line …zapped

“I’ve really enjoyed every session so far. I feel stronger already and motivated to keep going. Thanks to Mike and all of the staff for such a great experience.”
-Chrissy Musca, Wellington

“Can’t say enough good things. Mike and Tyler know how to motivate and keep me coming back!!”
-Spence Mandy, Wellington

“Tyler is an incredibly flexible trainer, capable of varying my routine to accommodate for some complex neurological symptoms that vary my capacity and endurance widely. He’s intuitive, sensitive to the need for adjustment, and always motivates me to work harder than I could try alone. He gives me confidence and helps me realize gradual but steady progress. My time in the gym under his instruction is often one of the best parts of my overall health and well-being.”
-M. Champagne, Wellington

“I love training with Cat! She is knowledgeable, fun, supportive, and dedicated. She is always looking for new ways to make workouts benefit the potential of each unique client! She gives you faith never to give up on your fitness and health journey! When one thing doesn’t work, she will always find another way for you.”
-Leah B, Wellington

“I have really enjoyed my time at Free Form. The instructors are great, they really know how to get your blood pumping so you can get the most out of your workout. This is a great place to get fit with their wide array of options you are sure to get what you paid for. I am going to continue coming back and I advise everyone else to do so as well!”
– Robert Russell, Kanata

“After my first session at FFF I knew I was in the hands of professionals. Lucia and Alex have pushed me and focused on my mobility and strength areas. Thank-you so much for all the inspiration!”
-Greg Snyder, Byward Market

“I appreciate all the great service from Free Form Fitness! I absolutely love the variety of exercises I do. I feel great!”
-John Monette, Byward Market

“I am very interested in how you guys can motivate me after two weeks of avoiding the gym to come workout hard and come back for more. There is no workout experience like this in town and Vania is awesome. I didn’t know that such small difference in the movements could make such a difference.”
-Solon Angel, Wellington

Personal training client Nancy

Another super mom

“Simply Awesome!!! Since joining, I’ve lost weight, I have a higher energy level and I feel great. Matt and Nick are great trainers, very knowledgeable and incredible motivators. Can’t wait for my next workout (never thought I would be saying that)!”
– Derik Belair, Kanata

“This is my first experience with personal training. Love it! I have some personal limitations that make exercising a challenge. FFF is able to work within them and yet able to challenge me. Looking forward to making this a successful journey to increased wellness.”
– Nadia Shewchenko, Kanata

“I am enjoying my time at FFF because I get to improve my flexibility, strength and balance. I think that I have improved a lot since my first time here. I am improving the flexibility in my legs and core strength.”
-Sacha Godbout, Kanata

“Thank you Free Form Fitness for getting my attention with your great promotion sign on Bank street. Since I’ve started working with Monique and Dave, I feel so much better and definitely less stressed! Love your concept and approach with personal training!”
-Niloo Aliabadi, Glebe

“I tried other fitness programs but found them either too generic or too impersonal which made it hard to get motivated. With FFF I’ve got a pair of trainers who tailor each workout to my personal needs and goals. They give me motivation throughout each workout and challenge me to push myself hard. So now instead of dreading fitness, I look forward to each session. I’ve seen significant improvement in strength and range of mobility.”
-Derek Chaplin, Kanata

“Free Form Fitness has been an absolute blast to experience and a huge benefit to my overall health and fitness. The workouts are very specific and vary, providing increasing challenges as well as working around injuries or long-term conditions. Ryan is very knowledgeable, patient and motivating which is a perfect combination to keep me challenged, learning and most importantly, coming back!”
– Roy Sarkar, Kanata

“I have been interested in trying PT for a few years and this was a great opportunity to do so. The facilities at FFF are very nice and the atmosphere is very friendly and low key (not intimidating at all). The assessment identified my goals and strengths and weaknesses and the sessions were designed around there. They work on a team model whereby you have 2 trainers that you alternate with. My trainers were Mike and Nick who were both very knowledgeable. They took the time to explain each exercise and adjusted them accordingly if I expressed any concerns. It’s nice to have that extra push and motivation that you might not have if working on your own. Overall I enjoyed these sessions and I am glad that I decided to try it. Thanks Mike and Nick!”
– Julie Kiska, Kanata

“What a great experience. The team took the time to explain how the muscular system is interconnected and how they must work together. They developed a comprehensible exercise plan to work all of the key muscles including the core. A very encouraging atmosphere with attention to detail. Thanks Jon!”
-Dan Kuzell, Byward Market


“I have been working with Matt from FFF for 6 months, and have enjoyed every session. My strength, endurance and energy had increased immensely. Matt customized our workouts to my needs and I have seen great results.”
– Jen Stewart, Kanata

“I love this place.  I’m a runner and general fitness junkie, so anytime I can go jump around to fun music with a group of people, I’m in.  Here are some highlights:

1.  Classes are only 30 minutes!  This means that you go pretty hard for 30 minutes, but since the intervals are timed, so you can go at your own pace to make sure that you practice good form and get the workout that you’re looking for.
2.  They’ve got a lot of cool equipment – TRX, sand bags, different kinds of bands, balls, kettle bells, etc.  
3.  Each workout is different.  Variety is great!
4.  Super close to the Sullivan Square T stop.  They have parking, but it’s limited, so if you can, use the T.
5.  The facility is very clean and has nice locker rooms with bright lighting, nice showers, and products.  Do bring a lock if you want to use a locker though.
6.  There’s a nice tall cubby in the lobby for easy bag drop before you go into class if you don’t want to use a locker.
7.  The staff is very responsive and helpful.  
8.  You get your first 3 classes for free!  How can you say no to that!
9.  This workout is fast, effective, and great as either a stand alone exercise regimen or as cross training.  
10.  The trainers are friendly and motivational.  
11.  I think they’re running some summer specials right now! ”
– Hillary R,Boston, MA

“Come here to train and enjoy this place very much. The free weights/ gym area is very clean and has everything you need, although it is a bit compact.
They offer a ton of bootcamp classes and it’s really a little family in here.
There are 2 bootcamp rooms, one more designed for intense workouts, the other more so for yoga and dance classes.
Downstairs there are showers and a cycling studio.
Staff is very friendly and the owner is super nice.
If you are in the area, I’d suggest you to come here. They take care of you here.”
– Shaquille A,Boston,MA

“I need to update more when I’ve been to more classes, but on first impression – this place is legit. 35m high intense workouts for busy people? I have never been to a group class that is less than 1 hour unless it was a cross-fit class that is a weight training/paired with a 30m workout. But you get a great workout in that timeframe.
Things to note:
1) Right off the Sullivan Square Orange line (so if you are coming from the back bay – it’s convenient) or there are some parkings spots (3) and some street parking if you get there early.
2) Very clean locker rooms (2 showers and some products) plus towel service & lockers (bring a lock though).
3) You don’t need to be in rock solid shape to go. The trainers are cool – especially Pat who is like the morning trainer and will adjust depending on your ability.
4) Workouts include ropes, TRX, pull ups, weights.
5) First 3 classes are free. And then you can get punch card or monthly options.This will cost you around $120 a month – but you know this is cheaper than cross-fit or the equinox. And I honestly hate gyms and I need a group environment to help motivate myself. They are doing a groupon or guilt city deal right not too. This is a local place, so if you are a traveling consultant, etc. – it does stink that it’s not global. But always support the local communities!
6) There is a weight room for pre/post workouts
7) Someone rents a spin class studio room. God, I hate spin – but maybe I haven’t been to a good one yet.
8) Awesome morning times, lunch times, and afternoons.
9) They have mommy plus stroller classes.
10) Outdoor classes at the bunker hill monument (45m instead of 35). But it’s not convenient if u are not driving. Take orange to community college and walk like 15m.  
If u r in the area and looking for a high intense workout, you should drop in. People are super nice and it’s a convenient location in Boston. “
– Virginia C,Denver, CO

“I attended Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) when they were doing one of their challenges. I absolutely fell in love with the 30 minute workouts. And if you want more, you can take additional classes. It was a great full body workout in a short period of time. The workouts were different everyday which made it exciting. You never knew what you were going to get. The trainers were extremely positive/motivating and knowledgeable. I loved all the staff members. Unfortunately, I moved and am now unable to attend. It’s been difficult for me to find a place that has comparable workouts. Please consider opening a gym in the metrowest area 🙂 Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) is the best! “
– Alison M,Framingham, MA

“Love coming here! Very friendly and clean environment, the classes are so fun ! Highly recommended “
– Elle L,Everett, MA

“I can not say anything bad about this place! I love it here 🙂  I have been coming here for almost 2 years now and the staff and trainers are truly amazing!  And my weight loss and muscle strength is proof that their workouts do actually work!  The thing I love most about this gym is that they genuinely make you feel like part of the family and strive to help you with your goals.  It’s going to take a lot for me to leave this gym! 🙂 “
– Iris I,Boston, MA

“I’ve been going to Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) since October of last year and i can honestly save outs it’s changed my life. They have sime amazing challenges to motivate you into a better lifestyle, provide nutrtional and fitness advice, the coaches are all super awesome, and Carol the owner is the best. It’s a community here where you meet ppl from all walks of life but who share similar interests. I’ll keep coming here as long as I can. CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!!! “
– Emily H,St. Petersburg, FL

“Great place !!! Bootcamps are intense but the instructors are motivating. Lost 13lbs after the 28 days challenge and have kept it off. Please go try it, you’ll love it! “
– Glynis B,Germantown, Philadelphia

“I came across Tempo Cycling when I was on Groupon looking at local deals. I love cycling so I figured give it a shot! I just had my first class yesterday with Heather and it definitely kicked my butt. There’s a good amount of parking nearby (even though their lot fills up fast) so that was convenient. The bikes aren’t high-tech like the other spin studios I’ve been to but they were good enough. They do not provide spinning shoes like other studios but they are apparently going to be getting them soon. The staff there is super friendly and easy going. My cycling instructor literally took the sneakers off of her feet for someone in the class who forgot to bring sneakers (she came in flip flops). The space is shared with a boot camp-esque facility so there is an open gym for customers to use. Plus the bathrooms are completely stocked. Can’t wait to go back for another class!”
– Sarah F,Boston, MA

“I highly recommend Tempo. The location is very convenient, right near the T and I have never had trouble finding a parking spot. I have taken classes with at least 5 different instructors and I have never had an instructor I didn’t love. The music is great, studio is cute and clean and I always leave feeling like a got a great workout! I’m hooked. They also provide shoes and although I really like the current bikes, they are getting brand new ones by the end of the month. The staff and instructors are all super helpful and friendly as well as motivating. Perfect way to end a stressful Monday with their 6:30pm class or start off your weekend with a Saturday AM class.” 
– Hallie C,Shelburne, VT

“Went here for a class last night and had a blast! I have not taken a spin class in 7+ years and was a little nervous, but everyone was wicked nice and sweet and very welcoming! Met Jess then owner, who was incredibly sweet – as well as other staff members. Highly recommend taking Amy Frankenthaler’s class – but get ready to SWEAT!
Great, new, clean facility – easy to get too off of 93 or Orange Line (Sullivan Sq). First class is free so it can’t hurt to try it out! Definitely will be back!”
– Amanda P,Medford, MA

“I cannot say enough good things about Carol and her team of trainers at Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp). After being a member of gyms and having personal trainers/small group trainers for over a decade, this is the best experience to date. The workouts are fun and challenging, there are so many class times to choose from, and I love the other members/sense of community. The yoga instructors are second-to-none. I almost don’t want to write this review for fear of everyone in Boston finding out about this hidden gem. I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds since starting the bootcamps less than a month ago. I actually look forward to going every day. Carol is such an inspiration! “
– Samantha W,Charlestown, MA

“Great workout and very clean/ modern look!! The staff is extremely friendly. It was my first time taking a cycling class and the instructor was so patient explaining how to use the bikes.
Awesome music and positive staff makes the workout fun!!!! “
– Lindsay E,Boston, MA

“Straight up love this place. I stopped going for about a week (thank you Thanksgiving) and they emailed me checking up on me. That’s the kind of check up I needed!
Strong recommend”
– Catherine Hamet

“Fantastic gym and team! Coaches are very passionate– I feel stronger and more knowledgeable. I am very grateful! 10/10 would highly recommend.”
– Alice Bronstein

“If you want to see results this is the place to be. Every time I went to a class the next day my weight dropped. Its such a good feeling to put in the work and see results the next day. But you have to actually put in the work. Eat right too!! “
– Tatiana Pickett

“I love Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp). It has been a year for me now and I have learnt so much regarding my eating habits, how to change them for the best and most of all having great workouts with professional, energetic, certified and fun loving coaches who truly have your best interest.
I look forward to my classes and it has been wonderful seeing the loss of weight, gain of muscle and my body as well as myself feeling my healthiest.
Staff and other gym members make this place a place & program that you want to continue.”
– Dawn Anderson

“Really friendly coaches and staff! The building is small but interesting and the classes I’ve been to did not feel crowded. There is plentiful street parking within a 10 minute walk.” 
– Alexandria Itasaka

“I’ve been going to Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) for over two years….completely transformed my fitness routine and helped me build so much strength ?. My experience with most of the trainers has been top notch. A very welcoming, positive environment for all, and always an opportunity to challenge yourself regardless of what fitness level you’re at! Highly recommend!” 
– Sherri Snow

“This place is great, the staff are so friendly and Carol is wonderful. Highly recommend stopping in!” 
– Rebecca Schneider

“Took bootcamp with Leslie today and as usual she never disappoints!! The class was challenging and well thought out with each station targeting different muscles so you could push yourself to burn out. Leslie is an expert instructor whose energy is contagious. Her kick boxing class is also super high energy and so much fun!!”
– Lexy Johnson

“I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into at first but let me just say I have NO regrets. Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) is the best hands down. They make you feel great and are so dedicated! Is like family and the workouts are fun and hard and easy is insane. LOVE YOU GUYS Ana Banana” 
– Ana Pena

“Coaches are amazing! All have different styles but they all kick butt! Friendly atmosphere, they all help you succeed in your goal!”
– Maureen Burgoyne

“I feel very comfortable there and I ABSOLUTELY love their work out variations. It is a high intense work out and I recommend it to anyone because you can adapt each exercise with the weight you want to lift each session – so don’t worry if you ever think it’s not for you. I love love love there. The entire place is always clean and the staff is super super friendly!” 
– Tamara Ribas Camargo

“I really enjoy working out at this GYM. The staff is welcoming and friendly. Always encouraging to be healthy and strong. I love the trainers different styles and routines every day. “
– Vane Alv

“I love this place!
I was sore after my first class even though I had been working out on my own prior. Tobi is my favorite instructor of the three I have had so far, his routine was challenging and fun. To be honest, all the routines from the various instructors are challenging and fun.I was originally put off by the fact that classes are 30 minutes long but it turns out that at the end of those 30 minutes you are fit to keel over 
You definitely don’t need, and likely couldn’t handle minute number 31. The classes are perfect for busy people.
The amenities here are nice as well.
My only gripe is that the classes can get crowded.
I am counting down to summer outdoor bootcamp when hopefully crowding won’t be an issue. “
– Sher k9

“Love this place! The trainers are super awesome and keep you motivated throughout your workout. Definitely worth signing up.
Stephanie May
Intense workouts. I love it!!”
– Lisa Martinez

“Love the instructors and energy! Beautiful sense of community!”
– Tracy Sewall

“I was on vacation visiting a loved one, and away from my own Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) location. I came in for a class and appreciated all the friendliness of the staff. It was an amazing workout, and I took advantage of the shower/locker room facilities after. The entire building was extremely clean and well lit. I would highly recommend to anyone considering trying out something new!”
– Kelly Delaney

“Love this place! I have been coming for years and really appreciate the convenience, but also love the challenging workouts!”
– Erin O’Hearn

“Took Lexys 5:30 tabata class Wednesday night and it was AMAZING. Very challenging but she programmed the exercises so that everything was doable.
Tabata is 20 seconds per exercise so it really encouraged me to push my hardest, knowing that a break was coming soon. Lexy’s energy definitely helped when I thought I couldn’t go.anymore. OH–and the class FLEW by!!! I highly recommend this class❤ “
– Leslie Elizabeth

“Unqiue bootcamp experience and very interactive trainers and a responsible owner. Multiple types of classes keep the interest in going to gym alive!”
– Rutuja Dharmadhikari

“Very effective classes, made easy for everyone involved with everyone equally included. Very nice staff all around with great facilities. Will definitely be going back!” 
– Eddie Nazario

“It was the best I ever experienced the trainer was very helpful. & made sure we was okay doing the workout a motivational speaker very helpful outgoing fun environment & friendly people when I left the gym I felt like I accomplished something” 
– Tavon Donnyce

“You guys are amazing and I will definitely come back.”
– Fanggrl316

“such a great workout in 30 minutes!! Love the options of zumba, yoga, and tabata workout classes. Was there for a few months lost about 10 pounds (without doing the extreme “nutrition” challenge.”. I like doing bootcamp or tabata classes in the evening since I lift in the morning but I also feel great doing morning classes. I believe the earliest bootcamp class starts at 5:30! that’s awesome and there’s about four showers and complimentary lady things in the locker room. Saturday mornings I’ would dedicate to yoga and it’s legit the best yoga class I’ve taken. All the instructors are nice, some lacked the fundamental training skills so be careful but since it’s now owned by someone else, it could be better . Classes get packed pretty quick and there’s a reason!
Great location if you don’t have a car- across the street from sullivan station parking is a pain in that area. I and many others have canceled and continued to be charged (please work on your system) . Did not have the best experience towards the end of my 6 month membership “discount” and i ultimately left the gym because the “challenges” that involved an extreme diet plan just did not sit right with me and promoting a dangerous nutrition plan was disturbing. For me, the vibe was off and i didn’t want to be in that atmosphere. I am assuming with a new name and new owners that the rebrand will be great! “
– Tameka Amado

“This place is incredible. I started my journey here in October 2016 and to this day could not be happier. The staff, trainers, as well as all the customers who I now would call friends are really the best. I really feel blessed to have found this gem. “
– Shannon Seaver

“I am so glad that i found Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) . Very motivating and supporting staff. I get encouraged every time i go there i get that confidence that i can do it. Highly recommended”
– Rakhi Pun

“I am hooked, it is a great workout to get the day going, 30 minutes and done. That is pretty easy to fit in, no excuses, so I find myself there pretty regularly. Great community of staff and trainers. Awesome to have in Charlestown! “
– Jaime Dutton

“Awesome energy and a killer workout with great people! Excellent mix of movements and the perfect amount of time. Their space is beautiful and super clean. They also have a free week pass for first timers.” 
– Brendan McKee

“It is a great experience. I enjoyed myself and can’t wait to continue. “
– Amy Foote

“Excellent management, very friendly instructors, challenging but fun classes, very clean locker rooms an facilities. I am addicted to Free Form Fitness (formerly FIt Body Boot Camp) ! I am 48 y/o and in the best shape of my life after only 7 months of becoming a member here. Highly recommended!”
– Turgut Fettah Kosar

“Love this gym! The 1/2 hour classes are easy to fit into my busy schedule but don’t be fooled, the classses are not easy themselves. Great fully body workout with a good balance of strength and exercises that will get your heart rate up. Highly recommend “
– Christina Lauring

“In Boston visiting family and checked out Free Form Fitness (formerly FIt Body Boot Camp) for a workout. Nick put us through a great one! Fast and furious! Highly recommended.”
– Scott Moore

“I had the best experience here and would love to come back. I don’t live in Boston but if I did, and when I’m back, I will be sure to come to Boston Fit again! The staff was absolutely amazing and Leslie was so helpful during the class and helping me with my bad lower back. She’s amazing! Couldn’t recommend this place anymore than I do!” 
– Kevin Gabbay

“Found this place by accident. Motivates me to beat the traffic rush and work out before work. Or during lunch break if I am so inclined. They’re now offering co-ed nude yoga on Saturdays with Naked In Motion. Some things are worth trying at least once and this is highly recommended. “
– Jane W

“30 minute, high intensity workouts. I’ve been to upwards of twenty classes already; I don’t think I’ve done the same exercise twice.
Every class is challenging but allows individuals to work at their own strength and ability to reach their goals. All the instructors are friendly and motivated – they will push you to reach your limits.
Highly recommended.”
– Colin Brady

“Awesome workout. Instructor focuses on everyone amazingly, correcting form. Love it”
– Rachael Van remortel

“Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) is the hardest and most satisying 30 minutes of my day. The trainers are incredible and the results have been great.” 
– Rolanda Prophete

“First time ever. Really enjoyed the class. The instructor was full of energy and very helpful while I learned the circuit. Having done many other work outs, to include crossfit, I got a great workout!!! Def plan to go back and have my ass handed to me! “
– Teresa Clark

“I love coming to Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) ! Everyone is very friendly, the group classes are motivating, and there are several time options from as early as 5:30 to as late as 7:10! I highly recommend joining/dropping in! “
– Tania Bruderer

“Awesome workout today! The coach was on point, can’t wait to go back again tomorrow”
– Paula Rogers

“Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) is by far the best gym in Charlestown and one of the top in the entire city of Boston. They do a phenomenal job on both the training in the nutrition side of things to help people reach their goals. The culture there is so conducive to achieving success whether it be in the weight loss department or muscle growth. They have a multitude of trainers all specializing in different areas of fitness. This leaves you with a different experience and workout almost every time you attend. The owner Carol is one of the most genuine and hard working woman I know. She will drop what ever she is doing on a moments notice to give you her full attention as a boot camp customer. She truly cares and it shows in every interaction.
I’d highly recommend Free Form Fitness (formerly FIt Body Boot Camp) for anyone of any fitness level. Whether you are just getting started or trying to turn up the intensity of your fitness journey with specific goals in mind this is the gym to help you out. “
– Justina Langone

“Amazing experience!! Such a positive, fun, energy filled place. The trainers were all so helpful and really keep you going! Will be going back 100% ” 
– Alexa Winters

“Great workout, great coaches, great management! Above every expectations. You always get what you need. Absolutely worth it! “
– Carlo Pavone

“It was a just right challenge and pushed me to do the best I can. The atmosphere of the class was comfortable and instructor was not overbearing, but knew how and when to encourage us. “
– Kayla Guilliams

“Great experience. Worked with the new instructor, Aaron. He does a fantastic job keeping the exercises new & exciting. He definitely keeps me motivated! “
– Jordyn Tanguay

“My first time ever trying out boxing, and David was Awesome! He was great with instruction and patience, and somehow kept it light and friendly while getting an amazing full body workout! highly recommend”
– Matt Cardile

“This place is awesome! Great trainers and workouts, very cool space.”
– John Field

“Love, love, love this place! The classes are so much fun.”
– Cordelia Elias

“Amazing small class, the teacher was great class was perfectly timed will definetly be going back “
– Antoine Coleman

“Love this
Everyone is friendly
Everyone make sure you’re doing everything correctly “
– Victoria Tarlow

“Classes are great with enthusiastic instructors”
– Marie Caulfield

“Amazing work out in just 30 minutes! The trainers are motivating and mix up the routine every day!”
– Kimberly Medeiros

“I’ve gone to 9 classes over 2.5 weeks and can already see more definition in my arms. The classes also start and end on time which is much appreciated.” 
– Jennifer Spahr

“Great place, great people, great workouts. Carol, all the trainers and staff are the best. Couldn’t ask for better place to workout. “
– Kelly Silipigni

“Great workout and everyone at the gym is so friendly. I was nervous to go to a bootcamp class because I am out of shape and the word “bootcamp” is intimidating. I was pleasantly surprised with the judgement free and supportive atmosphere here. Weekly weigh-ins has been helping me keep track of my weight loss and progress and motivates me to come in every week. I can’t say enough about how much this gym has taught me about my health and fitness! Highly recommended. “
– Trish Johnson

“Pat is awesome! It’s a friendly environment and they motivated me to get healthy and provided me with support to meet my fitness goals.”
– Janet Adusei

“Great place to workout in your busy week and get fit!!! excellent trainers, best place i ever been, lost more than 30 pound and got a lot healthy its a bit expensive but worth every penny” 
– Nawal

“My boyfriend and I LOVE Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) in Charlestown! Awesome people, great vibes, amazing workouts!”
– Alicia Harding

“Wonderful massage. Tara’s practice emphasizes breathing, deep stretches and warms up every muscle. Was not surprised to learn later that Tara has a background in classical ballet. If you feel like work has worn you down, this is the class to take. The restorative character of the class is heightened by the beautifully lighted and spacious yoga/dance studio in which it is held. Free Form Fitness (formerly Fit Body Boot Camp) , despite its name, is not all about boot camps. Carol, the manager has gone to amazing lengths to make it a most inviting and meticulously maintained place. I can see myself returning every few days!
It is 3 months later and in addition to the Vinyasa class above, I highly recommend Tara’s total body Barre – which is a complete and very intensive workout for every muscle. I also very much enjoy Leslie’s bootcamps which are fun and have excellent and carefully-selected music throughout. I am constantly impressed with Free Form Fitness (formerly FIt Body Boot Camp) amazingly sincere teachers and definitely stronger in just 3 months. Thank you, Carol for bring such a quality gym to Charlestown!” 
– Jyoti Shankar

“Stellar staff and facility! Friendly, personable, motivational “
– Thespina Voutsinas

“What are you waiting for , go go go , you won’t regret it !!!! “
– Sheyla Novaes

“I have lost 16 lbs through one of their challenges and it really helped me get back on track!”
– Alyssa Freda

“A different and very effective routine! I left three days to try and I loved it, now in January I go with everything, I recommend it, very good and very good attention!
– Nerida Diaz

Free Form Fitness