That’s not like me

Jul 05, 2011

Sometimes we fall down, but it’s what we tell ourselves when we do that matters most. Let me explain;

Have you ever known someone that’s habitually late for everything? You know, the last person to show up at a dinner party or the person that you tell them the party is at 5:30pm in order to get them there by 6:00pm. Some people apologize and have a legitimate reason for being late and others don’t even mention it, it’s like it’s a natural thing to them.

The problem with that second group of people is that they have a different self talk, maybe they were brought up with different values or maybe they just don’t feel the need to be on time.

If I’m late for an appointment, I almost get mad at myself. My self-talk says “that’s not like me” while these people’s self talk say “it’s no big deal”.
The problem is that your self-talk is what builds your self-image and that’s what helps you grow as a person. The self image I have of myself is that I’m someone you can trust and that means If I say I will do something I will do it.

If you want to be fit, lean and healthy than your self-talk needs to match that image too. If one day you fall off track and cheat on your diet you need to tell yourself – that’s not like me. By changing your self-talk you will eventually change your actions which will get you to where you want to be.

Saying that “it’s no big deal” all the time is like standing on a bicycle without pedaling, it leads to falling over again and again. The only way to get to your goal is to first believe you are the person to do it, to make sure your self talk is in line with that belief and if you happen mess up, tell yourself “That’s not like me”.

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