The Cardboard Diet

Dec 16, 2010

Cardboard is 100 percent cellulose. Because you don’t have the enzyme required to digest cardboard, simply moving it through your body would require more energy (calories) than you’d get from the cardboard.

If you follow the cardboard diet you will not only lose tons of weight;
You will lower LDL
You will increase HDL
You will lower your triglycerides
You will lower your blood sugar

Long term side effects include; dying

Obviously I don’t want you to follow the cardboard diet. The reason I’m posting this is because many people promote low calorie products, new trends and fads based on these short term results. Thinking that if it’s making them lose weight it must be a good plan, yet they don’t understand or see that in the long term they are causing major damage to their health.

Take for example the Twinkie diet and the professor that recently lost 27lbs by eating snacks like Oreos, Twinkies and Doritos to show to his class the importance of calories in vs. calories out. He ate a set number of calories below his maintenance level on a consistent basis for 10 weeks.

Many people thought that the diet was higher in sugar with these snacks but the truth is it was actually higher in fat. So it was a high fat, high sugar, low protein, junk food diet in a low calorie state and the guy managed to lose 27lbs and improve his good and bad cholesterol.

What you need to realize is that “lowering body fat automatically helps your cholesterol improve.”

Fast forward a year (if he were to keep going for a year) he would see a slow progression back to gaining fat once the body had adapted to the calorie intake, his body composition would change because of lack of protein, all the sugar would make him more insulin resistant and the extra junk like trans fats and empty calories would create havoc to his health.

Just like the cardboard diet that may seems to work in the early stages in terms of losing weight, it’s disguised by an unsustainable strategy to keeping the weight off for good and living a healthy life.

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