The Downfall Of A Sit Down Job

Jul 29, 2010


A study with 1579 people found that people who sit down more than 6 hours a day are 68% more likely to end up overweight than those who sit less. Another study showed that people gain on average 18lbs in 8 months after starting a sit down job!!! How crazy is that?

For millions of years our jobs consisted of physical work, hunting, gathering, building. Now we sit on our butts all day. Combine this with nutrition advice for marathon runners trickling down to the average person and you get one heck of a mess. If you have a sit down job and want to control your weight it's crucial that you not only exercise but also watch your nutrition.

The best thing you can do for your nutrition is to lower your carbohydrate consumption (because your going to be storing these as fat sitting down all day) and the best type of exercise you can do is exercise that will use up stored glycogen and build your metabolism up like weight training.

If you can manage these two things you will be able to manage your weight. Good luck!


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