The Heart Attack You Didn’t See Coming

Aug 09, 2010


More and more people under the age of 50 are having heart attacks. (Men more than women) There’s really 2 types of atherosclerosis (plaqueing of the arteries) and one of them is very sneaky and can happen suddenly without symptoms.

The first one is a buildup of plaque on 1 side of the artery that gradually forms a wall that will block the artery. With this type of atherosclerosis you may notice symptoms like pain in the chest during exercise known as angina. Or if you don’t exercise, it can be detected with a treadmill test by a physician or angiogram.

Another type of atherosclerosis is one that forms a lesion inside the artery cell that has a liquid core of cholesterol that builds up over time. This liquid core is directly related to excess sugar being converted to cholesterol in the arterial cells and is exacerbated by any habit that raises insulin levels. The liquid core grows larger and can go undetected because it does not completely block the artery. Eventually the liquid core erupts and the cholesterol solidifies in the blood stream totally blocking blood flow and producing a heart attack.

Once again insulin is a major culprit. High insulin levels direct biochemical processes that lead to plaqueing. This is just another reason to watch your total carbohydrate intake and avoid sugars and stress in order to keep your insulin under control. I hope you’re listening.


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